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March 25, 2006

Aruban Gossip, Rona Coster, on How the Natalee Holloway Disappearance is Reported

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From the Aruban Buzz, this is how seriously the most reported story in the western hemisphere is portrayed to Arubans. Ever wonder why maybe most of them don’t understand the ramifications?

Some if not most of this sounds like the Joe Tacopina, “Save Joran” talking points:

  • Aruba spent huge resources on helping the investigation
  • Shutting down the government to help search
  • Flying supersonic surveillance planes overhead

I would think that most people would want to go out of their way and help find a missing girl. An action that occurs in every location when a person unfortunately goes missing. However, some in Aruba think that they are some how special. Lost, however, in all this is any mention of the inadequate investigation, arresting two innocent black security guards and not searching 100% the Van der Sloot residence.

PLEASE WATCH CBS 48 HOURS. CBS is airing a special on Saturday night the 25th of March. Natalee Holloway: New Clues In Paradise, 10 p.m. ET/PT with exclusive new details from inside the police investigation into the disappearance of the teen. Correspondent Troy Roberts reports for 48 Hours Mystery.

According to inside information Aruba should not be worried about the report. On the contrary, those who have been on TV night after night telling lies about the island may want to go to a therapist to help them redirect their anger and refocus their thoughts. The island of Aruba spent huge resources on helping the investigation, from shutting down the government to help search for the teen to flying supersonic surveillance planes overhead and handing the keys of the city to the FBI and the Dutch Police. It was a huge injustice to portrait the island as anything but loving, caring and concerned. Anyway, our general prosecutor is appointed, not elected, so that she does not owe the public any explanations and she kept mum, unfortunately, while the storm of speculations and unfair and mean allegations raged on. CBS 48 Hours apparently got it and tells the truth. (Aruban Buzz)

The most telling line in all of this is, “Aruba should not be worried about the report”. Aruba, that’s it don’t worry, everything is OK. If any of you believe this just take a look at the dwindling tourism and just go on believing that. The fact that anyone would say, “do not worry”, is comical. Sure, don’t worry, no problem … everything is fine. Where have we heard that before?


(Animal House – Kevin Bacon)

America has grown weary of the lies and the continued incompetence of this investigation. After the 48 Hours interview they might even grow weary of Aruba in general. After 10 months Gerold Dompig is making accusations that an American tourist who is presumed dead, took drugs on her own, died accidentally and was buried and reburied by the suspects because they panicked. How stupid do you take Americans to be? Just because we vacation on Aruba and act in a lax manner does not mean we are willing to accept such dribble.

Gerold Dompig states his latest theory on a credible tip nearly 3 months old. On a credible witness where Dompig has not even begun the actual search of the dunes. This interview was done back in February, yet as of the airing of the interview tonight, the dunes have not been fully searched.

Aruba, nothing to worry about? American has lost its patience and are sickened by Dompig’s willingness to do an interview of what he will do, rather than just doing it. I think there is plenty to worry about.

(Hat Tip: MJ)

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