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April 09, 2011

Obama’s Muppet Diplomacy: Government to Fund $20 Million for Sesame Street in Pakistan

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Do you still doubt that the US government ridiculously spends the tax payers dollars … Obama’s Muppet Diplomacy. So Muppets are supposed to woo Pakistan children away from al-Qaida.

Muslim Sesame Street … you heard that correct. The United States is to fund $20 million for a remake of Sesame Street in Pakistan. So now we are supposed to win the hearts and minds of the Pakistan people through Muppet’s? Because the
US civilian aid to Pakistan has recently tripled to $1.5 billion a year has been such a success. This is what is worth $20 million while American’s sacrifice?  It looks like Crazy Harry, seen below, will finally get a staring role on Pakistan Sesame Street. VIDEO.

Pic Hat Tip: Muppet Wikia

The United States is funding a Pakistani remake of the popular TV children’s show Sesame Street.

In a new effort to win hearts and minds in Pakistan, USAID – the development arm of the US government – is donating $20m (£12m) to the country to create a local Urdu version of the show.

The project aims to boost education in Pakistan, where many children have no access to regular schooling.

The show is to be filmed in Lahore and aired later in the year.

“The programme is part of a series of ventures that is aimed at developing the educational infrastructure in the country,” Virginia Morgan, a spokesperson for USAID, told the BBC.

“Education is one of the vital sectors that need help in Pakistan.”

The show will be set in a village in Pakistan – rather than the streets of New York – with roadside tea shop and residents sitting on their verandas.

 Just recently Senators like Barbara Box (D-CA) made fools out of themselves when Republicans wanted to cut government funding for PBS stating that the ‘GOP has ‘vendetta against Elmo’. Think this might be revisited in the 2012 budget?

It would appear that we already have the pilot and many episodes of the new Sesame Street ala Pakistan in the can. As Jihad Watch states, they ”can’t wait for the episode in which Cookie Monster straps on a bomb vest and blows himself up in a crowd of Infidels.” Then there is Weasel Zippers who is reporting that in Episode 1: Bert and Ernie victims of dual honor killing for being gay.

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