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March 13, 2006

Bill Frist Leads Informal GOP Poll for ’08

Posted in: Politics

Bill Frist, TN Senator may have won the GOP Straw Poll of 2008 Republican presidential hopefuls; however, that is not the real story. No its not John Mc Cain showing why republicans will never vote for him either in a primary with his actions. Mc Cain, who finished a distant fifth.

The real story of the Straw Poll was who finished second and third. Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney finished second with 14.4 percent and Senator George Allen of Virginia finished third. With the media as predicted only fascinated with John Mc Cain, they missed conveniently enough the big picture as usual.

Mitt Romney, Gov. of Massachusetts, President and CEO of the Salt Lake City, UT Olympics has star appeal. The northern governor of a New England state finishes second in the TN straw poll? Informal or not, that is something for many to take notice of.

Frist Wins, Romney Runs Strong Second

While the Frist victory (with 37 percent of the vote) was somewhat expected, the strong second-place finish of Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (14 percent) was a bit of a surprise.

Romney finished second in the poll of potential ’08 presidential candidates. (AP)Romney, who lost one of his top political advisers earlier today, has focused heavily on South Carolina during the early stages of the presidential campaign but did not appear to be running an organized effort here at the SRLC. Romney himself was not even in attendance when the results were announced, having already left for Iowa

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