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March 23, 2011

President Obama Cancels Events in South America to Prove He is a Leader

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A Day Late and a Dollar, make that a Couple Hundred Cruise Missiles and Act of war Short.

As Barack Obama’s war in Libya spirals out of countrol with mized messages from his Europen allies and from within his own government. Obama decides to cancel his vacation events in Latin America to show everyone that he is a leader and engaged. As the Fox News reports, Obama has canceled his sight seeing events. WOW, what sacrifice and shin in the game Mr. President. Barack Obama and the first family has cancelled their trip to the Mayan ruins.

Cancel the sight seeing. With the situation escalating in Libya, President Obama scrapped Wednesday’s his public schedule. He was expected to visit the San Andres Mayan Runins and meet with US Embassy staff. But instead, he will now spend the entire day at the American Embassy, where he is expected to participate in at least one conference call on Libya before returning to Washington a few hours ahead of schedule.

Throughout the Latin America trip, President Obama’s aides have insisted there is no reason to cut the trip short, that he can manage the situation appropriately from the road. Obama has been briefed regularly by his National Security Advisor Tom Donilon and also held conference calls with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, Secretary of Defense Bob Gates, and Commander General Carter Ham.

Ahead of the trip, Press Secretary Jay Carney insisted there would be no reason to cut the visit short.

What an example from Obama of “Leadership in Action”.  From the beginning of this ill advised trip to South America, Obama was critized from all sides as to why go when the Middle East was in crisis. What a complete fiasco Obama’s military folly has become. Attacking a country with no message, no end gane, no real central control and now the Libyan Colaition falls apart.

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