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March 14, 2011

TIME Magazines New Obama Civility … “DEAD MAN WALKER”

Posted in: Hypocrisy,Media,Media Bias,Scott Walker - WI,Unions,WTF


Take a look at one of Time magazine latest articles regarding the battle in Wisconsin between Republican Gov. Walker and the unions, ‘Wisconsin’s Governor Wins But Is He Still Dead Man Walker’? Because this is completely appropriate.

Um, “Dead Man Walker”, a play on dead man walking. Exactly how does this play with President Obama’s call for civility following the shooting in Tuscon, AZ? Can any one imagine the out cry and calls for heads to roll if the conservative media made such a comment? Libs had complained about bulls-eyes and targets, yet “DEAD MAN WALKER” is perfectly ok. Yup, no double standard or hypocrisy here.

The state capitol of Wisconsin had taken on an eerie quiet on Friday. Gone were the throngs of protesters who occupied its marble floors like a campground in summer. The midnight honking of cars circling the white building had ceased. The chalk “dead man” outlines etched with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s name on the sidewalks remained in dismembered parts, incompletely washed away by clean-up hoses.

 Who thinks this is appropriate?

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