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February 28, 2006

Joran Van Der Sloot going “On The Record.” Keep talking Joran, keep talking…

Posted in: Aruba,Joran Van der Sloot,Media,Natalee Holloway

Greta Van Susteren gets an unedited interview with Joran Van Der Sloot. Joran is becoming the gift that keeps on giving. Greta

We just got back from a very quick trip to Aruba. We got word late last week (Friday?) that Joran van der Sloot would sit down for an interview with us in Aruba.

The one agreement: that we wouldn’t edit it.

Joran also did not want to do the interview in the United States, so we agreed on Aruba

Greta doing an interview with Joran like a deposition, this might be interesting. Greta, who has been at this case from the outset questioning Joran, Greta being a lawyer to boot. This is a must see. What defies logic is the fact that Joran Van der Sloot when doing the ABC interview did not listen to his parents advice. They asked Joran not to do the interview and he did not listen. With respect to the Greta interview, “Joran said he did not want his parents in the room.” Instead he wanted his teacher who made a most peculiar comment and request of Greta. Strange indeed.

The teacher said just as we entered the room for the interview and before we started that there would be no “re-enactment” questions. I thought he meant that we would not go out on the Marriott Beach and walk through the night and where Joran was. I had not intended to do that. I just wanted to ask questions and was curious as to the answers.

As we sat down seconds later, I re-thought more about what he said and realized that he meant I could not ask about the night Natalee vanished. That was odd and of course something I could not agree to, as my purpose of doing the interview was to ask about that night. We had not traveled to Aruba to discuss anything but that night. I turned to the teacher from my chair and told him I had to ask Joran about that night, that was why I was there and Joran agreed to that.

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