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March 20, 2005

“Back To the Future/Past”

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Made immortal in the Michael J. Fox movies, Back To the Future, car developer John DeLorean Dies at 80.

Detroit native, DeLorean “broke the mold” of staid Midwestern auto executives by “going Hollywood,”

DeLorean’s company collapsed in 1983, a year after he was arrested in Los Angeles, accused in a sting of conspiring to sell $24 million of cocaine to salvage his venture.

DeLorean used an entrapment defense to win acquittal on the drug charges in 1984, despite a videotape in which he called a suitcase full of cocaine “good as gold.”

However, DeLorean will forever be known for “the car that was a time-traveling vehicle for Michael J. Fox in the popular “Back to the Future” films of the late 1980s.”

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