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February 19, 2011

Gallup: Ronald Reagan Named Greatest US President Ever

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With President’s Day 2011 almost upon us this coming Monday, according to a recent Gallup poll, Ronald Wilson Reagan was named the greatest United States President ever.  In the past 12 years of this survey, Reagan, Lincoln and JFK has have topped the list. If you ask me for the top 3 greatest Presidents ever … Lincoln, Washington and Reagan.

Ronald Reagan Speech – 1964 Republican National Convention


From 1964 to present, his words make even more sense today.

The 2011 poll had the rating as follows: 1. Reagan, 2. Lincoln, 3. Clinton, 4. JFK, 5. Washington and 7. Obama. With all due respect to those voting, its bad enough that Bill Clinton would have been named #3 and ahead of JFK, but Barack Obama at seven? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Its obvious that 5% of those voting couln’t name another US President other than Obama. Would this mean as pointed out by Michelle Malkin.com that according to liberal MSM comparisons of Obama to Reagan, even though they have nothing in common, that Obama’s wins by the transiative property? The answer would be, no.

We might want to see what the break down looked like according to Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Some might find in shocking that Democrats would pick Clinton ahead of Kennedy, Obama ahead of FDR and Lincoln and George Washington no where to be seen. Then again, nothing should surprise us any more from these folks.

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