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March 20, 2005

Second Anniversary

Posted in: Main

Today is the Second Anniversary of the start of the War in Iraq. Wizbang has some great pictures showing the comparison of the ridiculous nature of the anti-war protesters and Iraqi protesters that are trying to gain freedom.

Its is just pathetic that the anti-war hate America crowd would actually be against an action that not only freed millions of Iraqi’s and gave them the right to vote and create a democracy. They also are against the war in Iraq that has given light to Protesters in Iraq caring about their self-determination. In cities across the US and Europe people/idiots are protesting a war that actually freed people. What would these do-gooders rather have, tyranny in place? Innocent Iraqi’s being tortured and killed in a Saddam Government sponsored manner? The anti-war movement should have picked and chose their battles with a little more thought.

I believe its very clear which group has more credibility? Those protesting the Iraq war or those in Iraq protesting outside terrorist involvement? Under Saddam the Iraqi’s would never have been able to protest. Do anti-war protesters feel that others are not worthy of freedom, just themselves? Why would anyone protest another right for freedom? I’m sure there are many Iraqi’s who are wondering this same question.

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