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February 04, 2011

7 Year Old Boy Arrested for Shooting Nerf-style Toy Gun to Hammonton, NJ, School

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So now 7 year olds who bring toy guns to school are public enemy #1?

A 7 year old boy arrested and charged with a crime for bringing toy nerf gun to school. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! A 7 year old brings a $5 toy to school and you mess up his future by charging him with a crime? UNREAL. The boy was charged with possessing an imitation fire arm on school grounds which is considered a minor juvenile offense. 7 YEARS OLD!!! Yet just another example of nanny state insanity run amok.


A 7-year-old child allegedly shot a Nerf-style toy gun in his Hammonton, N.J., school Jan. 18. No one was hurt, but the pint-size softshooter now faces misdemeanor criminal charges.

Hammonton Police began an investigation into the “suspicious activity” at the Hammonton Early Childhood Education Center Jan. 18 after school officials alerted them to the incident.

The “gun” the child brought to school was a $5 toy gun, similar to a Nerf gun, that shoots soft ping pong type balls, according to the school’s superintendent.

What has this world come to and where is the common sense? With all the crime, drugs, hazing, bullying and sex and more sex and its a nerf gun that authorities make an issue over and attempt to ruin a good child’s future. As states at Weasel Zippers, TRAJEDY AVERTED!!!

Police charged the 7-year-old with possessing an imitation firearm in or on an education institution – a misdemeanor and a minor juvenile offense in New Jersey.

School officials described the child as “a nice kid” and “a good student.” Authorities haven’t commented on what specific disciplinary action or punishment the boy faces though it could involve counseling and other resources made available to the family.

Can I just say that thank God I do not go to school in today’s liberal nanny state environment. With the rules and regs that exist today, I would have been thrown in jail for life. How have times changed you ask?  When I was in third grade my elementary school allowed us to bring real guns to school for our marksman classes and gun safety. The heck with nerf guns, we had .22 rifles. My how times have changed.

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