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January 28, 2006

Former CNN’s Aaron Brown, Cry me a River. I thought he was Gone?

Posted in: Bloggers,Internet,Media,Politics

Hey Aaron, I think I will have a nice Brie to go a long with your whine. Today former CNN news anchor Aaron Brown did what he does best, complain why everything in the news industry is so terrible to I would justify his lack of ratings when he was employed. Some people will come up with any excuse.

“Truth no longer matters in the context of politics and, sadly, in the context of cable news,” said Aaron Brown, whose four-year period as anchor of CNN’s NewsNight ended in November, when network executives gave his job to Anderson Cooper in a bid to push the show’s ratings closer to front-runner Fox News.

Funny how Aaron did not think that the powers that be at CNN did not also think the same way as he claims the left & right both do. CNN not interested in the left’s viewpoint? Now that is priceless.

Many Americans on the left and the right aren’t interested in the truth, but simply want news that confirms their viewpoints, he said. “You’d think that it’s no more complex than good vs. evil,” he said.

Then as soon as Aaron actually makes an intelligent comment like, “Television is the most perfect democracy.” “You sit there with your remote control and vote.” He has to come out with his real elitist attitude and blame his failings on the viewers.

Journalists have fallen short in presenting important news in ways that allow viewers to see how it matters in their lives. But viewers must take up the battle as well, he said. “It’s not enough to say you want serious news. You have to watch it. It isn’t enough to say you want serious debate. You have to engage in it.”

Aaron, sometimes its not about the viewers. Its about the content of the show. Yours was unbearable to watch. I’ll stick with the democratic remote control theory … bye, bye.
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