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January 27, 2006

More Predictions Not Commented on From Steve Cohen in the Natalee Holloway Investigation

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Earlier this week, many in Aruba were upset over the comments that Steve Cohen had made on behalf of the Aruban prosecution, investigators, government and tourism CohenHeldDoorindustry. But why not comment on all the statements that were made? Also, I guess it was OK for Karen Janssen to make the “fireworks” comment. First we had the OM and defense not happy with statements Cohen.

The Public Prosecutor (OM) has called Steve Cohen, spokesperson of the Strategic Communications Task Force in the United States to account his statements in Dr. Phil’s show of last week. During the show in question, Cohen had declared that the OM is of the opinion that the three boys are guilty of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. The OM had asked Cohen in a letter where he got the information from and called him to account the fact that he declared the three boys guilty.

Then the ATA and Briesen also disturbed about Cohen’s comments an put out a statement. Aruba3021

ATA emphasized in a press release that ATA and Tourism-minister Edison Briesen (MEP) do not agree with the statements of Cohen on the details of the investigation and the guiltiness of the three suspects.

Cohen had already made such statements in Dr. Phil’s show that was recorded on January 10th, five days before Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA) conference. Cohen’s statements had been on the Task Force’s website for some time. Cohen had also added an elucidation on the same website. Both articles are meanwhile removed from arubatruth.com.

Of course the fact that Steve Cohen is a spokes person for the Strategic Communications Task Force and Arubatruth.com is the on-line communication vehicle for that group just makes it all the more puzzling why they would need to take down any article from the web site. How can there be a communication issue? They are the same entity? Maybe this is the lack of communication that Dave Holloway and Beth Twitty have been discussing for nearly eight months.

However, its not just the Dr. Phil show that Steven Cohen was making such comments and predictions. Sure the American public heard Steve Cohen’s comments regarding the guilt of the three suspects, but did they hear it from The BBC Caribbean?

Aruban authorities believe they are close to making a breakthrough in the case of missing American teenager Natalee Holloway.

Spokesman for the Aruban government, former CBS journalist Steve Cohen, is predicting a closure to the case in the next six months.

How exactly would one know the following if they were not privy to or told certain information as to the status and direction of the case? Steve Cohen is a paid consultant, are we to believe he is just making this up?

He says investigators are focusing on proving the case against three young men who had been held as suspects, and who are known to have interacted with the US student.

Mr Cohen expects one or all three suspects – Dutch national Joran van der Sloot and Surinamese brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe – to be charged for rape and murder. Officials have apparently decide to focus their investigations more closely on the three.

It would appear to be that he is speaking for the investigators and the prosecution in his following comments:

Case to be presented soon

“we’re pretty much at the end of the investigation of that scenario all the pieces of that jig-saw puzzle are now infront of us, and we are beginning to see a picture now, that was not a picture that we saw three of four months ago,” Mr Cohen told BBC Caribbean.

He says he’s optimistic that they’ll be able to wrap up their current probe and be able to present a case to the judge “in the next few weeks or a few months”.

Steve Cohen makes all of these comments to The Dr Phil Show, then retracts it. Tells the Travel Video the boys had sex with Natalee and The BBC Caribbean that the three suspects are “to be charged for rape and murder”. Coupled with Karen Janssen stating that there could be fireworks at the end of January. Let’s take a look back and remember exactly the reasons why Steve Cohen was hired to be the Aruban spokesperson.

The Strategic Committee that was instituted in the Natalee Holloway case called a press conference yesterday where Jorge Pesquera, President and CEO of the Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association announced that for the passed few weeks they were in search of a spokes person to counter arrest all incorrect information that is distributed in the US press especially via TV.

Both organizations found Steve Cohen to be the adequate person in the position. Cohen is already much involved in the case and has already been advising the Government. He has been doing a great job behind the curtains, according to Pesquera.

The position was to counter the misinformation from American media. Who is it exactly that is providing the misinformation these days? Who will Aruba blame next? It was not the American media that created the December “roller-coaster” ride that Steve Cohen apolisized to Beth Twitty for. This is the exact quote from Arubathruth.com discussing Steve Cohen’s remarks that, “It is expected that he (Joran) will be re-questioned somewhere in the next 10-day period”.

Last night on ‘Rita Cosby Live & Direct,’ Steve Cohen confirmed the arrival of Joran van der Sloot in Aruba and that he and the Kalpoe brothers will be re-questioned within the next 10 days.

So now those in the ALE, Prosecutors office and the ATA are against Steve Cohen and his comments? What could any of this be but SPIN? Let’s remember the first SM post when Steve Cohen was initially brought on as Natalee Holloway Investigation: Steve Cohen appointed as spokes person for Aruba (Let the Spin Begin)”.


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