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January 27, 2006

Dave Holloway: “Everything points back to the three suspects”

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Holloway Family Waits and Hopes

For Meridian insurance agent Dave Holloway, this day is far from the norm. However, every day has been this way since his daughter Natalee disappeared last May in Aruba.

“From what I’ve heard, that there were just some holes in some of the students’ statements that they just wanted to fill and from what I’m hearing they’re just trying to lay a really solid foundation in order to move forward in this investigation against the three suspects,” said Beth Holloway Twitty of Mountain Brook, just south of Birmingham.

All the family can do is sit back and hope that Aruban promises are fulfilled.

“We hope that Aruba will show us they do have enforceable laws, such as perjury and obstruction of justice and rape,” Twitty said. “You know, I think that we need to see that.”

“Well, they’ve always given us hints that something would happen and it never did but hopefully something will happen by the end of this month,” said Holloway.
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