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December 23, 2010

NY Jets Coach Rex Ryan, Putting the “Foot” in Football … Ryan & His Wife Have Foot Fetish Video

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The New York Jets saga continues … Rex Ryan, Happy Feet … The Agony of De-”feet” …

The latest bizarro news from the NY Jets is that coach Rex Ryan have a VIDEO participating in “foot fetish” acts. With the end of the football season at a near end, the Jets jockeying for a playoff spot and questions are abound as to whether QB March Sanchez will start this Sunday in Chicago with a partial tear in his shoulder … the news is all about Rex Ryan’s foot fetish video.

All of the VIDEO’s can be seen where the story first broke, Deadspin.com.


ABC News - Rex Ryan & foot fetish

How many embarrassing moments does one team get in the course of a year? Seriously, the HBO series Hard Knocks was supposed to be over. The NY Jets have become the poster children for off the field embarrassing moments and Rex Ryan’s latest distraction might just win by a mile, or is it a foot?  Uploading foot porn? Might be time to cancel the Youtube account, put away the camera and stick to the Jets film room. Now it makes sense regarding the tripping incident by Jets assistant  and suspended coach Sal Alosi. The coach used his feet to trip the opposing teams player … um he used his feet. Maybe the NY media should ask Rex whether he was impressed by such use of the assistant’s feet in the infamous tripping incident.


Woody Johnson expresses support for Rex Ryan, but just how much more is the owner willing to take? Ryan is winning now, but what happens if they begin to lose? Ryan and the exploits that have occurred under Ryan have made the Jets look like an out of control organization. One has to wonder about Ryan’s judgement. In this day and age, do you think you can hide this type of stuff forever?

More VIDEO here. Ryan has claimed it was a “personal” matter. Dude, then why did you post the stuff on the Internet!

Even though the authenticity of the foot-fetish videos thought to be of Rex Ryan’s wife has not been discussed — besides a “no comment” — from anyone in the organization, team owner Woody Johnson thought it was important enough to express his support for the Jets’ charismatic coach.

“I have a lot of respect for Rex and his family,” Johnson said. “My respect is not diminished one iota.”

In the end I have to ask … WTF is going on with the Jets? Could these people possibly just stick to football and stay away from sexting, sexually harassing woman and feet. The videos obviously got posted to the Internet, exactly how did that happen. If you wanted to keep it private and make this a “personal matter”, you should have done just that.

In those uncomfortable moments, Ryan clenched his teeth and hung his head — though he did perk up when asked directly about his wife, Michelle, his college sweetheart.

“My wife’s beautiful,” Ryan said. “We’ve been married for 23 years. She’s awesome.”

Ryan’s awkward exchange came As he and his wife were linked to several foot-fetish dating sites with personal profile information very similar to that of the coach’s wife.

Like Michelle, the online profiles describe a short, well-educated, married homemaker who is a Virgo and lives in Ellicott City, Md. That is the town where Ryan lived with his family when he was a defensive coach with the Baltimore Ravens before taking the top spot with the Jets.

The “ihaveprettyfeet” profile also shows up on a swingers site and on a raunchy Internet portal called Alt.com where the member and her partner express their interest in threesomes and sexual “torture.”

The profile — in which the writer graphically describes his wife’s anatomy — is rife with the couple’s other interests, including explicit sex acts and various sexual positions.

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