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December 17, 2010

Philadelphia Eagle QB & Convicted Dog Killer Mike Vick Says He Would Like to Own a Dog

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File this one under, “he said what”!

Awe, ain’t that special, Mikey wants a dog.

Philadelphia Eagle QB and convicted dog killer Mike Vick said that he  misses being a dog owner and would like to have one as a pet someday. Yes, the same Mike Vick who was sent to prison and convicted on dog fightinng charges.  However, Michael Vick was banned by the judge who sentenced him on dogfighting charges from owning another dog while on probation. How special, there is a lucky dog just waiting to be gotten the second that Vick is off probation.

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, interviewed by NBC News and the website TheGrio.com, said he and his family miss having a dog. He said he wants to show people that he can be a responsible pet owner and that he would not take the opportunity for granted.

“I would love to get another dog in the future. I think it would be a big step for me in the rehabilitation process,” Vick said, according to NBC News and TheGrio.com. The full interview was scheduled to be shown on TheGrio.com on Wednesday.

The last thing that Vick should ever be commenting on is the owning of a dog. Vick should count his lucky stars that the NFL gave him a second chance to even earn an income. However, in an industry where it is more important what you do on the field to earn a buck for NFL owners than what you do in your home to your spouse, children and pets. How inappropriate is it that a convicted dog killer say that he looks forward to one day owning a dog?


What a bunch of lip service and a disservice that sports entertainment (ESPN), BS’d homer Philly fans and the Humane Society is doing for dogs. Just curious, why should any one give Vick the benefit of the doubt? I am sure there are a lot of convicted pedophile teachers that look forward to one day teachingchildren again. So should they be allowed back in the classroom to as long as they apologize and do some community service? Has every one forgot just what Michael Vick did and the heinous nature of dog fighting? His PR team certainly has done a great job to blind people. We are supposed to believe that after being one way all his life, Vick has done a total reversal.

A note to Mike Vick, why don’t you try first with a gold fish or a turtle and try not to turn them into a fish fry and soup.

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