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December 13, 2010

Michelle Obama Says “childhood obesity” is also “a national security threat” … WHAT?

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Because Michelle Obama knows better than you …

Can anyone really take any thing serious that comes from Michelle Obama’s mouth? What actually goes on in the minds of liberals? How do they actually come up with a rational for idiotic thought? The all informed Michelle Obama thinks that “childhood obesity” is also “a national security threat”.  I guess Michelle has forgot that we have a volunteer military, the obese need not apply. Just curious, how come “don’t ask, don’t tell” can’t be equally used for fat people as it is gays? Just asking.

Obama hypocrisy: Do as we say, not as we do

First lady Michelle Obama plans to warn in remarks Monday that the nation is seeing “a groundswell of support” for curbing childhood obesity, and she is unveiling new ammunition from current and retired military leaders.

“Military leaders … tell us that when more than one in four young people are unqualified for military service because of their weight,” the first lady says in the prepared remarks, “childhood obesity isn’t just a public health threat, it’s not just an economic threat, it’s a national security threat as well.”

The first lady and President Barack Obama are making a rare joint speaking appearance on Monday, at Harriet Tubman Elementary School in Northwest D.C.’s Columbia Heights neighborhood, as he signs into law the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

This is how the Obama’s address US national security, by going after fat kids?  Really? Does this mean that “Happy Meals”will soon be banned on US military bases? And Twinkies, let’s not forget to ban Twinkies. Want to know what’s wrong with LIBS, the following title says it all …  Michelle Obama on Deciding What Kids Eat: ‘We Can’t Just Leave it Up to The Parents’.

Exit Question … why isn’t it a parents right to chose what their children should and should not eat? If its good enough to abort a baby, why isn’t it good enough to eat a bag of Doritos? Hmm?

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