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December 28, 2005

Dunkin’ Donuts actor “Time To Make the Donuts” Dies

Posted in: Obituary

Michael Vale, better known as Fred the baker of Dunkin Donuts fame, has died at the age of 83 due to complications from diabetes. DD

Vale died Saturday in New York City of complications from diabetes, son-in law Rick Reil said.

Ads featuring Fred, who uttered the trademark line “Time to make the doughnuts,” ran for 15 years until Vale retired in 1997.

Michael Vale had become such a media commercial icon with one of the greatest marketing tag lines since Wendy’s, “Where’s the Beef”. The Dunkin Donuts commercials were infectious and as a statement from Dunkin Donuts said, “became a beloved American icon that permeated our culture and touched millions with his sense of humor and humble nature.”

Michael Vale, Fred the baker, became the face of Dunkin Donuts. So much in that even after his retirement in 1997, everyone remembers … “Time to make the doughnuts.”

Rest in Peace

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