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March 17, 2005

David Goes Dancing with Goliath

Posted in: Fun

Tonight in the Chicago bracket of the NCAA Field of 64,#1 University of Illinois takes on my alma mater
#16 Fairleigh Dickinson University. I should take solace in the fact that FDU was rated the #63 team in the Field of 64 as they did not have to suffer the indignity of the 64-65 play in game.

Although no 16 seed has ever beat a number 1 seed in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, there’s always a first and why not tonight on St Patrick’s Day? FDU has always played well when they have made the tournament. They have made the Big Dance 4 times, 3 times as a 16 seed and once as a 15.

NCAA Tournament History
1998 #2 UConn 93, #15 FDU 85
1988 #1 Purdue 94, #16 FDU 79
1985 #1 Michigan 59, #16 FDU 55

However, no one, no one that is that is an FDU grad will ever forget in 1985, against Bill Frieder-led Michigan, the Wolverines barely advanced to the second round by upending FDU, 59-55.” They had them and it slipped away.

Here’s to David, to Cinderella, to a miracle happening in Indianapolis this evening. Go Knights!!!

Fairleigh Dickinson 31
Illinois 32

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