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December 22, 2005

Traveling For Christmas, New Years or the Holiday?

Posted in: Travel

Are you traveling this holiday season or in the near future? Some helpful tips and deals to take a look at. Cigar cutters and corkscrews allowed on planes? Now if they would only let me use that cigar cutter, spark up a Partagas or Cohiba and pop open a bottle of bubbly, that would be a real improvement.

TSA NEW List of Banned Travel Items (And Newly Approved Travel Items)

The TSA List of Banned Travel Items, and Approved Travel Items.

Discount Travel Sites Offering Last Minute Deals

If you waited to the last minute to book your travel to see Mom and Dad, there are still some deals out there. Priceline, Hotwire, and CheapTickets.com have some good deals as the airlines try to dump unused seats at the last minute, while keeping prices high on their websites.
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Holiday Travel to Reach Record Levels

Travel is rebounding after the 911 attacks and the holiday season is showing the that even with higher prices for hotels and airline tickets, people are traveling in record numbers.

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