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November 23, 2010

TSA Head John Pistole Says No Body Cavity Searches …Yet

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There is a big loop hole with the body scan machines; however, the head of the TSA does not want to really discuss that reality. All about security, eh? The TSA claims they will not do any body cavity searches. At least not any time soon.

We have been told by Obama and the TSA that the invasive pat downs and intrusions on our civil rights and privacy are for our own good. The justification behind the questionable searches of innocent Americans merely trying to board a plane is because of the Christmas Day, underwear bomber. Really?

Does that justify the over-the-top retroactive response from this White House to terrorism? They claim that the metal detectors would not have discovered the bomb carried aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 by radical Muslim terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

What if a terrorist chooses to have a pat-down and opts out of the full body scan? What if the terrorists decide to use a page from drug traffickers and smuggle the explosives in a body cavity? TSA … do not insult our intelligence that this is not a topic of discussion among terrorists. They have been willing to do anything to kill the Infidels and meet up with the virgins.

TSA chief John Pistole today met with reporters from the Christian Science Monitor. Pistole discussed why his agency’s aggressive screening techniques don’t include body-cavity searches …


Video Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

TSA chief John Pistole stated:

“We’re in the risk management business, being a risk-based intelligence organization. The information that I’ve seen out in public about body cavities for bombs I think is perhaps not accurate. There’s been reporting of one incident involving the Saudi Deputy Administrator of Interior. The forensics on that are not dis-positive and there is stronger indication that it was actually an underwear type bomb strapped to his upper thigh rather than a body cavity. That being, said even if it is a body cavity you still have to be an initiator. You have to have some external vice that cause that initiation such as having the TAPT that is closer to the PA10 that had a modified syringe. There has to be something external that initiates the device. That’s what the advanced imaging technology machine will pick up. Any anomaly outside the body. So we’re not going to get in the business of doing body cavity (searches) that’s just not where we are.”

 I think Pistole forgot to say the word, YET. Who is to say why this is not next on the list? There was a shoe bomber and we had to removeor shoes, there is an underwear bomber and that gives the TSA a right to a free nude show or a feel-up pat down without being offered a dinner and movie first. So what will an over intrusivegovernment do when a terrorist explodes a bomb in a body cavity? This is what happens when you give up your rights.

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