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December 18, 2005

Ariel Sharon Suffers Light Stroke

Posted in: Politics,War on Terror

With the Palestinian situation settling down, this is not good news if Sharon  is disabled in any way.

Jerusalem Post:

 Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was rushed to the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem at 7:50 p.m. Sunday evening.

The prime minister, who will be 78 in February, suffered a light stroke and was taken directly to the VIP section of the hospital’s trauma room. The senior medical staff of the hospital was called in to treat him. Neurologists on staff were already looking after the prime minister.

A press conference had been called by the hospital for later in the evening.

Hospital deputy director Professor Shmuel Shapira said the prime minister was conscious and was undergoing tests. He added that Sharon’s condition was stable, and that it was too early to know exactly what happened to him. Shapira would not discuss Sharon’s condition further, saying the prime minister had a right to medical privacy.

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