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November 18, 2010

House Democrats Learn Nothing from 2010 Midterm Elections … Dems Elect Nancy Pelosi Minority Leader 150-43

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Back to the Past … Pelosi rewarded for 2010 midterm historic loss.

The Democrat party in the Us House of Representatives has learned nothing from the will of the people and the 2010 midterm elections. The 60+ GOP gains on November 2, 2010 and a shift of power from the Democrats to the Republicans sent a clear message of the rejection of the far Left Pelosi agenda.

So what do the House Democrats do … elect Nancy Pelosi as Minority leader by a 150 to 43 margin of course. Nancy Pelosi is still the face and the voice of the Democrat House.

Nancy Pelosi has been elected to lead House Democrats in the new Congress despite presiding over the loss of more than 60 House seats in the midterm elections.

The 70-year-old California liberal was opposed by Rep. Heath Shuler of North Carolina in her bid to become minority leader in the new Congress. Shuler argued that Pelosi needed to go after presiding over the loss of the chamber earlier this month.

“There was a lot of unrest in the room for several hours,” Shuler said following the vote, arguing the strength of his challenge “sends a message” that the party needs to change direction.

Pelosi ultimately had little trouble repelling the challenge from Shuler, one of the relatively-conservative Blue Dog Democrats who saw their numbers decimated in the midterms. The secret ballot vote was 150 for Pelosi to 43 for Shuler.

Following the vote, Pelosi said “it’s about jobs, about reducing the deficit, and about fighting for the middle class, so I look forward to doing that with this new leadership team.”

Nancy, “it’s about jobs, reducing the deficit, and about fighting for the middle class” … REALLY? What did you do regarding jobs, the deficit and the middle class when you were the Speaker of the House except reside over a near 10% unemployment rate, record spending and federal deficits and have the middle class lose their homes and jobs? Just how out of touch is the Democrat party that they put the same people back in place that had the power positions prior to the 2010 midterms?

 As Weasel Zippers states … She’s baaack! Behind closed doors Republicans are giddy that Pelosi, the extreme far Left liberal from San Francisco remains the face of the party. See you in the 2012 elections.

Nancy Pelosi survives the Democrat revolt lead by Heath Shuler (NC-D). This may be a win for Nancy Pelosi, but not for the Democrat party. The 43 votes that Shuler received are going to pose a head ache for Pelosi/Obama and the liberal wing of the Democrat party. It states that 43 individuals know that the Party is too far to the LEFT and might just vote in a bi-partisan manner with Republicans on future bills. Let’s see how great of a leader Pelosi is when she does not have an overwhelming majority and his approval rating is the same of a used car salesman. Our apologies to used car salesman.

“It wasn’t about winning or losing this race. It was about truly making a difference within our caucus, to ensure that the moderates were heard,” Shuler told reporters gathered in the Cannon House Office Building after his contest with Pelosi. A moderate Blue Dog Democrat, Shuler said he challenged the once-untouchable Pelosi in order to ensure that members like him “have a seat at the table. I think that’s what most of America would ask.”

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