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November 14, 2010

NCAA College Football:BCS Standings Week Ending 11/14/2010 … All 3 Military Academies Bowl Eligible

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Last week the BCS Standings for the Top 10 were as follows. However, after this weeks college games there should be some movement if not some closing of the averages.

1. Oregon .9638
2. Auburn .9611
3. TCU .9259
4. Boise State .8662
5. LSU .8170
6. Stanford .7454
7. Wisconsin .7349
8. Nebraska .7298
9. Ohio State .6613
10. Oklahoma State .6211

The story of this week should be Ducks nearly grounded, TCU defence who and as the Cam Newton Turns …   If there is any justice in the BCS and fairness to Boise State, Oregon will take a hit for their poor performance against Cal and TCU’s near loss to unranked San Diego State. Number one Oregon Duck barely defeated the Cal Bears 15 – 13 and should have fallen behind in the 4th quarter had it not been for a missed easy field goal.

Oregon also got a bit of luck: Early in the fourth quarter, Cal kicker Giorgio Tavecchio erased his own 24-yard field goal, which would have put the Golden Bears ahead by one, by taking a stutter step forward before the snap. The junior then missed a 29-yard try on the next play.

 Also, #3 TCU just got by San Diego State 40-35, including being behind at one point in the game 14 to 0. Everyone has drooled over the unstoppable TCU defense that did not show up on Saturday. Sorry folks, but if you are going to punish BSU for not having style points against inferior opponents, then you must do the same with the other NCAA football teams. Also, what about the TCU victory over Utah last week that all the coaches and computers were salivating over? So much for that, eh Craig James? The Utah Utes went into South Bend, Indiana this week and was throttled and embarrassed by an unranked and terrible Notre Dame Fighting Irish team 28 -3 . Sorry, but the strength of schedule for TCU had to have taken a hit along with being all that impressed with what appears to be an overrated Utes team.

Stay tuned for this weeks BCS Standings. My BCS poll would look as follows for the top 15. However, I will say this, if the craziness continues to swirl in Auburn with the Cam Newton saga and they play like they did yesterday against Alabama in the Iron Bowl, Auburn will lose and most likely lose their shot to play for a BCS National Championship.

1. Auburn
2. Oregon
3. Boise State
4. TCU
5. Wisconsin
6. Stanford 
7. LSU
8. Nebraska
9. Oklahoma State
10. Michigan State
11.  Ohio State
12. Alabama 
13. Arkansas
14. Oklahoma
15.  Virginia Tech

However, the real story of college football this year is the Military Academies. This Saturday, ARMY, NAVY and AIR FORCE all won and all three are Bowl eligible in 2010. Air Force has won the Commander in Chief trophy this year as they had defeatedboth Army and Navy this year.How amazing is that all three military academies could be going to a bowl this year.

UPDATE I: Official BCS Standings for 11/14/2010 - top 10 stay the same.

1 Oregon .9753
2 Auburn .9687
3 TCU .8966
4 Boise State .8634
5 LSU .8243
6 Stanford .7553
7 Wisconsin .7258
8 Nebraska .7203
9 Ohio State .6674
10 Oklahoma State .6601
11 Alabama .6151
12 Michigan State .6066
13 Arkansas .5133
14 Oklahoma .4728
15 Missouri .4563
16 Virginia Tech .3676
17 South Carolina .3244
18 Nevada .3016
19 Texas A&M .2788
20 Iowa .2190
21 Mississippi State .1770
22 Arizona .1413
23 Utah .1109
24 Miami (FL) .0885
25 Florida State .0415

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