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November 12, 2010

One Term One-der: Nancy Pelosi Says … Obama Must Be ‘Perfect’ to Win Again in 2012

Posted in: 2012 Elections,Barack Obama,Hope and Change,Nancy Pelosi,Obamanation

Nancy Pelosi is the gift that keeps on giving …

Nancy Pelosi stated that President Barack Hussein Obama must be “PERFECT” to win reelection in 2012. It is yet just another reason why the GOP is giddy over the fact that Pelosi wants to become the Democrat minority leader and the continued face of the Democrat party in the House after she has the gavel ripped from her hands following the 60+ GOP seat gain.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Democratic leaders Wednesday afternoon that President Barack Obama has to be “perfect” to win a second term, several senior Democratic aides told Roll Call.

Pelosi told leaders on a conference call that Obama will have problems running for re-election because of the loss of governorships in Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states, several aides said. The soon-to-be-ex-Speaker also said House Democrats have many opportunities to take back 25 House seats and win back the majority, aides said.

Pelosi claims that Obama will win in 2012. Really Nancy, because your predictions of holding on to the House after the 2010 midterm elections were spot on. Obama … Perfect … Hardly! As stated at Weasel Zippers, Obama will be a “One Termer” or as we call him a “One Term One-der”.  

Pelosi’s spokesman said Wednesday that the Speaker believes Obama will win. “The call was about the lame-duck session, and the Speaker believes that the president will be re-elected in 2012 and has said so on numerous occasions,” spokesman Nadeam Elshami said.

Nancy Pelosi might want to worry about hanging on to her own position of power with in the Democrat party these days. As for her reference to “perfection”, the Democrats and Obama have been as far away from perfection as it gets lately. As referenced at the Gateway Pundit, its not perfection that Obama has to deal with, it is the loss of Governors and +680 state legislators to the GOP that should be the concern for 2012.

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