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December 12, 2005

Michelle’s interview with Beth Twitty

Posted in: Aruba,Beth Holloway,boycott,Deepak Kalpoe,Gerold Dompig,Natalee Holloway

Michelle, from ‘Michelle Says So’ and ‘Aruban Boycott’ has had the opportunity to do an interview with Beth Twitty. The following is an except from the interview:

Beth has not been “banned” from Aruba, but on October 18, 2005, she received a phone call advising her not to return to the island because Aruban officials would place her under arrest. Arrest? For what? She explained that she has been threatened to be arrested because she called Joran, Satish and Deepak ‘criminals’ on national TV; in addition to coming forward with the fact that her original written statement to the police was changed and ‘falsified’.

Read the rest of the interview at Arubanboycott.blogspot.com.

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