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November 04, 2010

Pin Head Alan Grayson Blames Democrat Losses Due to Appeasing Republicans

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Alan Grayson, the most despicable Democrat House Representative, former House Rep, whines and blames appeasement as to the reason why Democrats lost in the 2010 midterm elections. Appeasement?Back room deals by Pelosi and Reid and preventing Republicans from discussion, debate as well as voting down GOP amendment after amendment is appeasement?

Because this type of stuff had nothing to do with the demise of Democrats

House Democrats were swept out of power because party leaders tried to hard to “appease” Republicans on major issues, said a high-profile member Thursday who lost his seat.

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) said Democratic leaders should have been more aggressive and shut Republicans out of the negotiating process, arguing it would have helped them in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

“I think that the Democrats are saddened and demoralized by this policy of appeasement,” he said on MSNBC, noting that Democrats suffered from low turnout.

Grayson explained Thursday that Republicans’ strategy of opposing the Democrats’ big-ticket legislative items such as healthcare reform, the cap-and-trade energy bill and financial regulatory reform, helped them win back the House majority they lost in 2006.

Grayson says … I’ll be baack. Sorry dude, you are not the Terminator, you are the most despicable politician maybe ever.

It just brings a smile to see the election results and Grayson losing in a landslide to Webster 56% to 38%.

As stated at Hot Air, so where will Mr. Happy, Alan Grayson, wind up on MSNBC? Wait a minute, I just learned something I never knew. Chrissy Matthews’ Hard Ball is repeated, there is a re-run at 7pm? Are you serious! Why? Check out the Cable News Ratings for Tuesday, Nov 2, 2010.

Good stuff. Say, I wonder where his new show will end up in the MSNBC schedule. Primetime is locked up, so I’m thinking they’ll either dump Schultz and plug Teacups in at 6 p.m. or else get rid of the 7 p.m. re-run of “Hardball” and give him an hour there. Imagine it: Schultz, Grayson, and Olby, back to back to back. Imagine it.

Grayson told the The Buzz that he might run again … like he didn’t just learn his lesson on Tuesday? Check it out, yet another Democrat with no regrets.

Alan Grayson, the highest profile Florida Democrat in Congress to lose Tuesday, blamed his loss on poor Democratic turnout and implied he’d likely seek a return to public office.

“Anything is possible,” he told the Buzz. “I’m the only Democrat who’s been able to win this seat in 36 years. One would imagine that at least the party would like me to take a shot at it again.”

“I’m not upset. I’m proud,” he said of his loss to Republican Dan Webster. “I’m happy about the way that we did the job. We saw a lot of congressmen who kissed up to lobbyists (go) down in stinging defeats yesterday. A lot of congressmen who tried to spin, and cut corners and duck questions and never take a stand. (Republicans) had to spend more than $2 million in special interest money to take me out.”

Grayson said he had no regretsabout his vote for President Obama’s agenda, including health care and said he had brought more grant money to his district, got funding for the VA hospital in Orlando and started a foreclosure mediation program.

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