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October 10, 2010

Democrat California Gov Candidate Jerry Brown Said “Mammograms are not Effective”, REALLY?

Posted in: 2010 Elections,Bizarre,CA: Brown (D) - Whitman (R),Governor Races,Healthcare,WTF

When will California voters wake up, or is this state too far gone?

How exactly is NOW, any other female or any one who has been affected by breast cancer voting for this fool Jerry Brown. First Brown’s campaign called Republican rival Meg Whitman a “whore” and now Brown has stated that “mammograms are not effective.” NICE, I though Jerry Brown was pro-choice? How does NOW endorse a man who is against mammogram screening? Can you imagine the reaction from MOW and the MSM is a Republican made such comments? The liberal feminist hicocrissy continues.

You think the fact that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month that maybe, maybe California voters might catch a clue? How does one make such a comment and actually have female votes or endorsements?


The comment about mammograms came during an episode of “Firing Line” in October 1995, when Brown was a guest on the William F. Buckley Jr. show. He sat alongside feminist and commentator Susan Estrich during a discussion about government regulations that dealt with the death of the Clinton administration health reform proposal.

Estrich discussed the component of the plan that had dealt with mammograms. “Can we get off of mammograms?” Brown interjected. “I mean, first of all, if you read the Lancet Magazine in July, there’s no statistical evidence that mammograms help anyone at any age. “So it’s July 1995, Lancet Magazine. Okay? It’s there. Now I don’t want to argue that case,” he added, as Estrich started to object. “ I just want to throw it out there.”

This is the man that the National Organization of Woman is endorsing? A man who has stated in the past that mamograms are ineffective. Moonbeam Brown did not even want to allow the option for women to have one.

Former Delaware Gov. Pete du Pont interrupted, “But you ought to have the option — if you think they’re going to help you, if you think they’re going to help you, you ought to have the option of having one.”

Brown replied, “Ten thousand women, three women will be saved for one year.”

So you think that this is only about a comment made 15 years ago, do you? When Brown’s campaign  was asked about how he feels about mammograms now, his spokesman said the following. Death panels, indeed. Also, there gets to be no excuses from Brown’s campaign that the comment is 15 years old. Aptly stated by the Left Coast Liberal, it was perfectly fine for Democrats to pull up video 20+ years old of DE GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell.  Live by the sword …

Asked if he believes in mammography, Clifford said, “He believes in people not getting cancer, has not followed developments in the effectiveness of various specific cancer screenings.”

WHAT! As No Quarter stated, will California voters ever wake up and realize that “Moonbeam” Brown has no chance of saving the states from its pending financial bankruptcy? Let alone, Brown hardly seems user friendly to woman and breast cancer screening. Meg Whitman, pro-choice might I add, actually has a business background and an understanding of how to get California out of its financial perils.

It is unreal how a state could be so screwed up as to elect Jerry Brown to right the ship. Unreal indeed.

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