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November 25, 2005

Dr. Phil Video Tape. Aruba Don’t Spin this?

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A rather convenient thing happened the day of a long four day weekend Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. After all this time, the results were released from Holland as to the Dr. Phil and Jaime Skeeters “Deepak interview” tapes.

Let the spin begin …

Jaime Skeeters DVD’s were said to be authentic. On his tapes it states that Deepak did have sex with Natalee. The Skeeter’s master tapes are the evidence, not the Dr. Phil ones. There is also a big difference between the term edited and altered.

I would rather wait to see what the original tapes say before jumping to a conclusion. Hopefully we will all be able to hear them.

AM Digital has the following article, Dr. Phil showed altered video tape.

The results of this investigation are as follows. There are no differences between the interview with the suspect D.K. as shown in the video-cd of the private investigator and the tape provided by the FBI. There are also no indications that manipulation of the images took place.

The Dutch Forensic Institute also concluded that in the case of the interview shown in the programmes of Dr. Phil and Rita Cosby the images were manipulated. These images differ from the ones in the video-cd and tape provided by the FBI.

(Read full article) Hat Tip: Get a Grip

What has Dave Holloway have to say about this news in an interview from ‘On the Record’? Everyone remembers Dave Holloway, the man with the patience of a saint who has been praised for his even tempered approach to the investigation.

Reporter: Now did they manipulate what was being said on the tape to make it look that Deepak was more culpable in this activities than Deepak has insisted all along?

Dave: No not at all. From what I understand they took a two hour interview and selected questions along with those answers and condensed them down to 3, 4, or 5 minutes.

Dave: Well, as you recall they let Joran go right after hurricane Katrina hit. All along I’ve heard rumors on the island as you heard Arlene talking about…the authenticity of this tape.
It leads me to believe that they really don’t want to use the tape. They want to find every reason not to use these tapes. Of course this information was obtained by Americans.
It seems that Americans and our family are the ones that have pushed this investigation along. I wonder what have they really done.

(Full interview) Hat Tip: SMS

What did Arlene Schipper have to say?

That I don’t know. Apparently there is because the other tapes do not find evidence of tampering. However, they did request the hard drive of Mr. Skeeter’s laptop to further investigate that as well. That request has been made already by the Aruban authorities. Last week they asked the FBI to also do a complete review of the findings of the NFI…which is a court appointed forensic institute of the Netherlands. To do a review of those findings and also the hard drive of Mr. Skeeter’s laptop.

(Full interview) Hat Tip: SMS

From tonights On the Record without Greta Van Susteren, November 23, 2005 interview with Jaime Skeeters.

From Blogs for Natalee: The Abrams Report with Dompig and Jaime Skeeters.

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