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November 24, 2005

Snowmen Banned in Pennsylvania School District?

Posted in: Bizarre

FrostyYes it is true. Because of a T-Shirt available on the internet that compares a snowman to a drug dealer, all references to Snowmen are banned in the Johnstown Middle and High Schools.

Frosty the Snowman is a Christmas carol we all know. In 2005, the snowman depiction, has become one of drug dealing, namely cocaine.

The snowman shirt has been made famous by the rapper, Young Jeezy. The snow refers to cocaine and the snowman the cocaine dealer. The shirt doesn’t look like frosty, but like an angry snowman.

After the guidance of Johnstown Police and two students wearing shirts like these, Johnstown High School and Middle School banned all snowman clothing for both children and teachers. Teachers are also being asked to refrain from snowman decorations. School administrators say the clothing, no matter how innocent, now has the aura of drugs.   via WJAC via Fark

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