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October 09, 2010

VP Joe Biden: “If We Lose, We’re Going To Play Hell” … Obama Admin Refuses to Listen to American Voters

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Who is the Party of No America? Democrats say that even if the lose in 2010, they will continue to defy the will of the American people …

“If we lose, we are going to play hell”


Hat Tip: Real Clear Politics

It is a continued, disturbing pattern coming from the Barack Obama White House. In speech after speech heading up the the 2010 midterm elections, Obama and Biden have commented that it does not matter whether Democrats win or most likely lose, they are not going to listen to the mandate of the American voters. Americans are fed up with a 9.6% national unemployment rate and 95,000 jobs being lost in a month.

Most recently, VP Joe Biden said at a campaign rally in Washington state for embattled Democrat Lib and incumbent US Senator Patty Murray, “If we lose, we are going to play hell.” Murray presently finds herself behind by 3% in the latest Rasmussen poll.

“You will play hell?”  What? No Mr. Biden, if you lose it will have meant that an overwhelming groundswell of voters, Republicans, Independents and yes some Democrats have rejected the one party Democrat rule in Washington, DC. There are 37 US Senate seats in play this election cycle, for you to lose, Democrats would have to have lost 10 seats that are presently held by Democrats. Of the 37 races, according to Rasmussen, 25 are solid or leaning Republican and only 8 are solid or leaning Democrat. There are 4 races that are considered toss-ups and all are presently controlled by Democrats.

  1. California- Incumbent Democrat Barbara Boxer leads GOP challenger Carly Fiorina, 49% to 45%.
  2. Illinois -  Republican Mark Kirk has 45% of the vote, while Democrat Alexi Giannoulias earns 41% support in the latest Rasmussen poll. This election is for the US Senate seat formally held by Barack Obama. What an embarassment that would be election eve for Democrats to lose former Senate seat held by the President. RCP has the GOP challenger ahead as well.
  3. Nevada – In just one of the many recent polls, Sharon Angle leads Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid 50% to 46%. The tide is shifting toward Angle as Reid has been stuck on 46% and the undecided are presictably shifting to the challenger.
  4. Washington – The latest Rasmussen poll has republican Dino Rossi ahead of Patty Murray 49% to 46%. Murray is under the 50% threshold for incumbent politicians.

If the above polling numbers hold true on election day, from the 37 seats in play, the GOP would have won 28 and Democrats 9. Republicans would have won 76% of the Senate races, had 10 pickups and control the Senate 51-49.

That would be called a mandate by the American people.

For the past two years Democrats have called Republicans the party of No. The fact of the matter is that it was GOP that was actually listening to the will of the American people. Now “WE THE PEOPLE” have a chance to vote and voice our thought, opinions and mood. Barack Obama is not on the ballot, but he might as well be. How else can anyone explain a popular Democrat Governor like Joe Manchin in west Virginia. Manchin presently trails in his US Senate race to replace the deceased Robert Byrd 50% to 46%.

Across the United States Democrats in swing states and districts that have never been competitive are in trouble. Why? Because President Barack Hussein Obama, VP Joe Biden and the rest of their minions have refused to listen to their employer, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Now Obama and Biden say they will defy the vote of the American people if they lose in the 2010 midterm elections? Good luck folks. Democrats are on the wrong side of most every issue with “We the People”, now they appear to say to us all as they have for the past two years … we do not care what you do, say or vote … Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid know better.

If this is the case, see you in another political blood bath in 2012.

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