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September 29, 2010

As Obama Stumps in Iowa, Likely Voters in Iowa give Obama Poor Marks

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What a difference 20 months makes,  The Toxic President cometh … From the Chosen One to One and Done all in less than two years.

President Barack Hussein Obama is back in Iowa; however, he will not be campaigning for any of the Democrats top-of-the-ticket candidates. Obama, the toxic President, has yet to campaign for Democrats in Iowa as many in the Democrat party look to distance them selves from Obama and his unpopular policies. Obama won Iowa in 2008 with 54% of the vote; however, these days a majority of voters disapprove of the job of the President. 55% of the Iowa voters disapprove of Obama’s job as President, while only 42% approve.

President Barack Obama is scheduled to return today to Iowa, where a new Des Moines Register Iowa Poll shows a solid majority of likely voters disapprove of his performance.

The first-term Democrat will not be campaigning for any of his party’s top-of-the-ticket candidates, who trail their Republican opponents by double digits.

Obama has been spending his shrinking political capital elsewhere, such as the campaign rally he plans to attend today in Madison, Wis., for top Democratic candidates. Obama has not campaigned for Iowa Democrats this year, and the event he’s scheduled for Wednesday in Des Moines is an economic discussion. He has scheduled no public campaign events for this trip.

Obama carried Iowa with 54 percent of the vote over Republican John McCain in 2008.

In the new poll, 55 percent of likely voters in Iowa say they are dissatisfied with Obama. The rate is up from 50 percent since the Iowa Poll measured approval for Obama in February.

His approval among likely voters has edged down only slightly, to 42 percent in the poll taken last week from 44 percent in February.

Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley continues to outpace Democratic challenger Roxanne Conlin by double digits, 55% to 37%. Also, Republican Terry Branstad maintains a double digit lead against Democratic incumbent Chet Culver in Iowa’s gubernatorial race as the GOP looks for a pick up in 2010.

Maybe there was a reason why Obama had been taking so many vacations, no one wanted them near their campaign.

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