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September 27, 2010

Conservative Democrats Want Ike Skelton (MO-D) to Replace Speaker Nancy Pelosi

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Trouble in Paradise for Pelosi and Democrats …

According to an article by The Hill, US Representative Gene Taylor would like to see Democrat Ike Skelton of Missouri replace Nancy Pelosi as Speaker next year. Many conservative Democrats, if there is a such thing anymore in the Democrat party, would like to see a similar change occur as a move away from the far left leaning Nancy Pelosi. However, the American voters have a change in mind of their own, a switch from Democrat Speaker Pelosi to the Republicans after they take over the US House of Representatives in this years 2010 midterm election.

It was not too long ago following the 2008 elections that Democrats had an overwhelming majority in the House. Since then it has been a disaster as once presented with this majority, they went against the will of the people. Even within their own ranks, there are rumblings.  Now they are faced with a midterm election where they could lose seats of epic and historic proportion.

Nancy Pelosi, too liberal for Democrats

Taylor told The Hill that he’d like to see Skelton, a Missouri Democrat and chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, succeed Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) if Democrats retain a slimmer hold on the House after the November elections.

Taylor’s suggestion reflects a broader sentiment among conservative Democrats that Pelosi is too liberal and indicates she may not win unanimous support from the caucus in 2011, as she did in 2007 and 2009. A number of House Democrats in tight re-election battles, including Reps. Bobby Bright (Ala.), Walt Minnick (Idaho), and Chet Edwards (Texas), have not committed to voting for Pelosi as Speaker.

“My ideal candidate for Speaker would be Ike Skelton,” Taylor said in an interview.

Interesting enough, was Nancy Pelosi too liberal when House Democrats unanimously voted her Speaker? What did conservative Democrats think they were going to get from a San Francisco, CA liberal? However, Pelosi, Reid and Obama have become the symbol of the Far Left wing of the Democrat party and the reason why do many Dems in the upcoming election are trying to distance them selves from them and Democrat party affiliation.

Presently in the RCP average polling of the Generic Congressional Ballot, the GOP has a 4.3% lead, including a 10% point lead for Republicans in Rasmussen and a 9% lead in a CNN/Opinion Research poll. The American voters appear to have an idea of what party they want the next Speaker of the House to come from and its is not a Donkey.

One thing to look forward to following the 2010 elections is how many conservative Democrats might switch party affiliation to Republican.

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