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September 26, 2010

Florida US Senate Election: Republican Marco Rubio Distancing Himself from Crist (I) & Meek (D)

Posted in: 2010 Elections,FL: Rubio (R) - Meeks (D) - Crist (I),Polls,Senate Elections,Tea Party

The US Senate race in Florida is becoming a two man race for second place between Democrat Kendrick Meek and so-called independent Charlie Crist.

The US Senate race in Florida is playing out how many predicted when turncoat Charlie Crist left the Republican primary to become an independent because he knew he could not win. Initially the polls showed that Crist was in the lead, but that would be short-lived. How was Crist going to run a campaign when he failed to garner votes with the support of the RNC against Rubio. Eventually, Democrats would support the Dem and republicans would support the GOP candidate, while independents moved to the right leaving Crist without  support.  Republican Marco Rubio is not only in the lead, he is starting to distance himself from both Meek and Crist. The real battle is for second place. (poll results here)

A statewide poll released Saturday night shows Republican Marco Rubio building on his lead over independent challenger Charlie Crist, while Democrat Kendrick Meek appears to be closing in on Crist in the closely-watched contest.

Rubio is favored by 40 percent of likely voters, up from 38 percent last month; Crist’s support has dwindled to 28 percent from 33 percent, according to the Mason-Dixon Research & Associates survey of 625 likely Florida voters. The margin of error is plus/minus 4 percentage points.

The poll found that Meek is gaining on Crist, with his support rising sharply to 23 percent of likely voters, up from 18 percent. Nine percent are undecided.

So why is Crist’s poll numbers falling?Democrats who once said they supported Crist are now turning to Meek. It is not as though the Democrat machine can turn their backs on Meek in this election for a Republican turned so-called independent. They already played and lost that game with Specter in Pennsylvania. Also, the independents are flocking to Rubio and Meek as well. Charlie Crist is learning a rim reality of running as an independent out of political expediency. Crist neither has a party or a voting constituency. Maybe because Crist does not have a message either, except trying to hand on to political power when the voters had said no.

Real Clear Politics average polling has Republican Marco Rubio up by double digits. Remember when the political experts said that Tea Party backed candidate Rubio could not win?

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