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September 25, 2010

John Kerry Calls Voters Ignorant … Democrats’ Woes Stem from Uninformed voters

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Democrats cannot help themselves, they think American voters are ignorant and say it.

John Kerry, the liberal, blue blood US Senator from Massachusetts proves exactly why the American voters have had it with Democrats and are about to throw them out of office this November. Democrats with overwhelming majorities in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate have listened little to the American voters and have crammed unpopular legislation down the throats of the American people. Now, with the voters angered, John Kerry calls them uniformed. Nice job Senator Kerry, calling the voters stupid. Way to ingratiate yourself to an already upset electorate.

Kerry says … The Little People are just to uninformed to understand

A testy U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry yesterday blamed clueless voters with short attention spans for the uphill battle beleaguered Democrats are facing against Republicans across the nation.

“We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what’s happening,” Kerry told reporters after touring the Boston Medical Center yesterday.

Hmm, you mean like electing a rank amateur who used a slogan like “Hope & Change”? However, this election cycle it is a much different story …  oh contraire Thurstan Howell III, the voters do not have a short attention span and have been paying complete attention to what you, Obama, Reid and Pelosi have been doing. It is the reason why Democrats find them self in a word of hurt ahead of the 2010 midterm elections.

Conservative political blogger William Jacobson, who writes Legal Insurrection, immediately pounced on Kerry’s comments, saying that attitude is why voters are looking to shake up Capitol Hill by electing upstart candidates such as U.S. Sen. Scott Brown.

“It just continues the Democrats’ theme that the reason people are upset is because they don’t understand. They’re not smart enough. That sort of rhetoric just gets people even more upset,” said Jacobson.

Democratic consultant Phil Johnston, former chairman of the state party, jumped to Kerry’s defense, saying, “That’s absurd. He’s just making the point that people have real lives to lead and most people are not spending a lot of time worrying about politics, particularly in a tough economy. I’ve known John Kerry for 35 years and he doesn’t look down on people.”

Kerry made the remarks on voters following questions about U.S. Rep Barney Frank’s re-election campaign and queries about securing federal funding for the Hub hospital.

What a novel concept to change the mood of an angry electorate … insult them more.

That is it, John Kerry is just so much smarter than the average American as they are to uniformed to understand what record home foreclosures, record federal spending and record federal deficits look like. American are also too stupid to understand what near 10% unemployment is and record number of people on food stamps. You nailed it Senator Kerry, Americans are too ignorant to know what a government take over of health care looks like and the promises that it would bring down the costs.

Americans will have their opportunity this November to show just how much they have paid attention to what Democrats have dobe since Obama took office. Get ready for the great political turkey shoot coming to a 2010 midterm election near you.

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