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November 14, 2005

Natalee Holloway Investigation: Amigoe Headlines

Posted in: Aruba,Media,Natalee Holloway

From the headlines of Amigoe.com(Saturday, November 12, 2005):

Lampe asks for international investigation on the Holloway-case

ARUBA — RED has requested an independent and international investigation on the entire development in the matter of the disappeared Natalee Holloway. The request was made during the emergency Parliament meeting on the appeal to boycott Aruba.

According to Rudy Lampe, this is the only way to get the Americans to have confidence in the integrity of the OM and the police corps again. You won’t achieve this by saying how beautiful Aruba is. That the Americans have doubt is due to the fact that the main suspects in this case were walking around free for 10 days; the public conflict between the Attorney General and the Chief Public Prosecutor; (more)

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