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September 20, 2010

House Democrats Distancing Themselves from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Just in Time for the Midterm Elections

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How convenient, suddenly when its election time, House Democrats start to distance themselves from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Does anyone really think that if Democrats remained in power in the House that all these Democrats would not line up right behind her again?

My what a difference 19 months makes. With the midterm elections less than 50 days away,many House Democrats are trying to abandon the Good Ship Pelosito save their political careers. Could these House Democrats be doing this at the 11th hour to save their political skin? Oh, never, it is becauseof their political core belief conviction. House Democrats have blindly followed Nancy Pelosi and President Obama down the primrose pathand now its time to get your just desserts. Now at the last moments prior to the 2010 midterm elections, House Democrats are running away from President Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Little more than two years after she touted him for the vice presidential nomination, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cannot count on the support of Rep. Chet Edwards.

Edwards, a conservative Democrat trying win an 11th term representing this area southwest of Dallas, said he has not made up his mind whether he would support Pelosi (D-Calif.) for another term as speaker, as he comes under fire back home for his close ties to the Democratic leader.

Every poll that matters has the Generic Congressional ballot in favor of Republicans and in some cases a record number. Even worse for Democrats is the enthusiasm gap advantage for the  GOP.

Isn’t this rather typical and gutless of House Democrats. They will talk a big game to the voters of how they are so independent of the House leadership and Nancy Pelosi, yet they will not come out and say to their constituents that they will not support herin a vote for Speaker?

With the balance of the House in question and no one knowing whether Democrats or Republicans will gain control, no Democrats are taking a stand of courage and conviction to take on Pelosi or the Democrat leadership. What bravery. Talk about making a couragous stand, not. This is where House Democrats are so disingenuous to the American voters. If by some disastrous event, Democrats ever remained in control of the House, all of these whiners distancing themselves from Pelosi would be right back in line behind her.

“No, I’ve made no commitments for speaker. Until we see the outcome of this election, I don’t even know who will be running for speaker,” Edwards said in an interview while campaigning Saturday in this small town of 5,000 southwest of Waco.

Democrats from a number of states, including Texas, Ohio and North Carolina, are running away from Pelosi in a harsh political climate. Distancing one’s self from the speaker is nothing new for many Democrats, including Edwards, but the number of incumbents and the volume of their criticism of the party House leader is larger than it has been in past election cycles – and the volume of their criticism is louder.

What is the real reason why House Democrats are suddenly being vocal about their disdain for Pelosi? Political survival of course. House Democrats like Chet Edwards (US Rep-TX) are on the political endangered species list in 2010. We already know how Americans feel and rate the Democrat lead Congress … is that an approval rating or a voting age?

Edwards, rated by independent political analysts as one of the 10 Democrats whose seat is most endangered, goes further than most of his colleagues. He openly critiques his party’s entire agenda, saying its leaders “overreached” after the 2008 elections.

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