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November 12, 2005

Jossy Mansur Editorial: Natalee, boycott and stupidity! (Has common sense come to an end?)

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Many should read Jossy Mansur’s Editorial in Diario, November 12,2005: Editorial NATALEE, BOYCOT Y ESTUPIDEZ! For those in Aruba and elsewhere that seem to be so hell bent on blaming Beth Twitty and the Holloway and Twitty families for the Jossy 1present state of affairs, take a good look at the words of someone who is also against the boycott.

It is Jossy Mansur who has devoted much time, energy and money into searching for Natalee Holloway who describes the way to end any such potential boycott. Not by protesting the family, painting Beth Holloway as evil, or demonizing the media but by solving the mystery and by providing the family with all possible support and help.

The cause? The disappearance of an American citizen on our island! The result? An investigation characterized by a good dose of error and negligence. If we feel the compulsion to protest, first go do so against what is causing the negative atmosphere, not against the ones who are doing their best to discover what is being hidden in the mysterious disappearance of Natalee, and in this way eliminate the possibility of a boycott!

No one likes to admit when mistakes are made; however, it takes real leadership and courage to take responsibility, correct the mistakes and push forward to a productive direction. Not just so simply shift responsibility and blame others for the present situation. I hardly think that Beth Twitty or Dave Holloway ever set out in their lives to call for a boycott of Aruba. What were the actions that made such things become a reality? For that many need to take an honest look in to what can only be called a flawed investigation all the way around. The boycott was not called for because a teenager went missing, it was a last resort by a family that lost all confidence, cooperation and trust in an investigation for their daughter. Remember, their daughter, Natalee Holloway?

Has common sense come to an end? Those who caused the harm now want to shift the guilt to the few Arubans who have the courage to show their face and put the correct name to the correct facts. Are we, by any chance, not aware that Natalee went missing when she was in the company of Joran and the Kalpoe brothers?

How then, are all three suspects free? They have no evidence to detain them? Of course they have! It is in black and white in the police reports …

Jossy Mansur further goes on to ask the question many have when the three suspects after being released from jail on suspicion of murder charges were not even charged by the prosecutors for sexual assault.

… given that this took place when they girl was constantly losing consciousness. How can a person who is not conscious be in a condition to consent? Around the civilized world, under the empire of the law that mandates over anarchy or cronyism, such a situation is categorized as ‘sexual assault’, which is the same or a worse case of what is otherwise known as rape.

In the spin game that has become the Natalee Holloway investigation many have forgot what this is even about anymore. Along the way a mother of a missing daughter has had to Natalee Holloway 2apologize to suspects, a family has had nothing short of communication nightmares with the prosecutors office and ALE, and the family has been accused of committing crimes along the way. Aruba, America and everyone else … this case is about a missing teen Natalee Holloway who disappeared in Aruba on her final nights stay. It always has been and it always will be even if many others try to muddy the water with nonsense and ridiculous accusation. We should all hope we never have to experience any of this, but to be accused of wrong doings on top of the fact that your daughter is missing goes beyond words.

None of the present actions by protesters, the PM or the spin machines for the Aruban tourism are helpful. If anything they are counterproductive and most likely will create a backlash from many in the United States and elsewhere that are on the fence. If you do not believe me take the words from one of your own from the above editorial.

Let the mother continue with her investigation; one must give her all the support necessary for her to get the answers she is looking for; let her know she has the support of a people who understand her suffering about the disappearance of her daughter.

In such a way we can prevent any negative action against Aruba, but putting all this aside to speak imprudently and unjustly against the mother and the American media is counterproductive and harmful for Aruba.

Most is most incredible to me through out the entire process is the lack of Aruban involvement in any of this. I truly hope the good people of Aruba see this and ask the same questions themselves. A boycott is being called against Aruba yet no one of any decisioning making, judicial or investigative have been Aruban. The suspects are not even Aruban. Yet, Aruba finds itself on the brink of a boycott in spite of all this.

Finally, what the Dutch Ambassador has to do is go to the State Department and explain to them that the justice system in Aruba is the Dutch one, that the judges are appointed in Holland and are also Dutch, that the prosecutor in charge of the case is Dutch, that the investigator in charge when the case began is Dutch, that the five judges who dealt with the case are Dutch and that the principal suspect is Dutch.

Many who do not support the boycott such as Jossy Mansur know that this investigation has been flawed from the beginning. They also know that the best way for the media, boycott and any negative press to go away is to solve the mystery or go about trying to in the most honest, open and diligent way you can. No one ever wanted a boycott. But by the same token, no one is going to allow a family to be ripped apart a second time after they most likely have already lost their beloved daughter. There is a sense of humanity here and and sense of dignity that far supersedes tourism for many. Please get back to solving the case and communication with the family before it is too late.

For the full translation of the editorial. Must read editorial.

(Hat Tip: Get a Grip/translation)

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