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September 16, 2010

Michelle Malkin Rips Karl Rove a New One for His “Viscious” Attacks on Christine O’Donnell

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Last night Michelle Malkin  blasted Karl Rove on Fox New’s Hanity and rightfully so for his vicious and uncalled for attacks on the Republican primary winner in Delaware Christine O’Donnell. Or as Michelle Malkin calls him, Tokyo Rove. Rove made these comments before O’Donnell had even finished her victory speech.

So tell me Mr. Rove, what do you have against the voters of Delaware? Do you not respect their right of freedom of speech who that wanted as their candidate? We have been trying to tell Democrats and Republicans for years now … the Tea Party does not belong to the GOP. Candidates must earn the trust of the Tea Party and just because you have an “R” next to your name, does not make you a Republican. Rove and establishment Republicans need to get out of their ivory towers, the Tea party does not belong to you, nor do you control it.

Some of the fantastic comments from Michelle Malkin are as follows.

  • What motivatted Karl Rove’s comments viscous and ancalled for comments, fear.
  • We cannot cede the language to people who want to turn the republican party into Democrat light.
  • The people of Delaware who voted in that primary understood that there was nothing MODERATE about a so-called Republican who founded a group called the Republican Main Street Partnership that was backed by radical left-wing progressive George Soros.
  • There are grass roots conservatives and independents who are sick of the Democrat party who do not want to have to chose  Progressive wolves in elephants clothing


Rush Limbaugh discusses the Rove comments and stated that if Rove got this mad against Democrats during the Bush Administration one wonders what things would be like today. Rove stated that this is a Senate seat that we cannot win. Really, how would you know? You are the same people that stated Scott Brown, Marco Rubio, Joe Miller, Ran Paul and Christine O’Donnell could not win their primaries. Why should we believe you know?

Just curious Mr. Rove, you dare lecture us after the state that you left the republican party after 8 years of GWB? We have had to restore the party with no help from you. Maybe we vote for candidates who actually act like Republicans. Your core belief cannot be winning or who is electable. That is what created a pathetic Republican majority who lost under W. But Rush asks a good question to Rove and his ilk, if 51 is what you are after, (VIDEO) why are you not supporting and campaigning for her rather than trashing the candidarte?

In the clip below you here Limbaugh enthusiastically exclaim “if 51 seats was really the objective — if getting the majority is really that important, then let’s go balls to the wall for Christine O’Donnell!”

He followed with a specific comment about Rove’s appearance on Hannity from last night. “Everyone I know that saw this was just–they were perplexed and said, ‘What’s going on? Why is he so mad at a Republican?’” said Limbaugh, later adding “Where was this anger directed at a Democrat ever?”

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