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March 15, 2005

Ward Churchill an Indian, I “RAthER” Think Not

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Can the University of Colorado make a decision so this man’s 15 minutes of fame can be up? It’s not supposed to be 15 weeks. With all the skeletons in this man’s closet now we must wonder whether he is even of Indian decent? He is an ethnics professor, right? He certainly is not an Ethics Professor. Can we really argue with someone with credentials like these:

Officially, he maintains an associate membership, obtained in May 1994, from the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians in Tahlequah, Okla., two months before the band stopped issuing such memberships amid controversy over whether they were merited.

Unofficially, he says his wide acceptance for 25 years by the indigenous community as an Indian activist and advocate also demonstrates his heritage.

Hmm … Its pretty bad when even the Indian tribe that you claim to be a part of disavows your membership. “Churchill had enrolled in the Keetoowah tribe under a program initiated by a former tribal chairman that let almost anyone sign up.” Ward, just because you sent away for the Dick Tracy decoder ring does not make you a detective.

WHO at the University of Colorado checked and authenticated Ward’s credentials? These guys? Could it have been Mary Mapes? Lets just hope the next time the University actually takes a second to verify someone’s credentials before they make them a tenured professor. The other candidates who interviewed for the job that Ward Churchill was given would all seem to have a legitimate gripe with CU. I wonder when those law suits will begin, the prevention and discrimination of Native American’s for employment. We will have to wait.

The only Indian tribe that I think would take actual credit for Ward Churchill may be here. That would be more fitting.

Polipundit has an interesting way of determining ancestry. Too bad CU couldn’t have even done this.

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