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November 06, 2005

Beth Twitty Criticizes new New Round of Interviews by Prosecution in the Natalee Holloway Investigation

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According to the AP, Beth Twitty is rather critical of the Prosecutions new interviews. It would appear that they want to question and re-question former classmates of Natalee Holloway in the United States. It seems to be Beth Twitty’s contention that the ALE have botched the case and only need to reinterview the Mountain Brook students because they messed up the original interviews with them and never initially asked important questions. The speculation has always been whether the ALE ever took the disappearance seriously in the first case.

Beth Holloway Twitty repeated her charge that Aruban officials ignored leads and botched case and said they only want to speak with former classmates because there were holes in their questions.

“The reason they want to ask follow up questions to those students from Mountain Brook is because of the holes in their original line of questioning and because of questions they forgot to ask the first time,” she told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Although I have always agreed that all parties should have been properly interviewed including her friends and classmates that were with Natalee Holloway in Aruba, it is puzzling that the prosecution and investigators in Aruba pick this time as the focal point to do interviews in the United States. This is probably one of the points that has disturbed Dave Holloway as well especially since he had spoke with Dompig regarding a particular witness to do an interview with and according to Dave, it was never done. One also wonders what happened to the re-interviewing of the suspects that was stated would be done nearly one month ago?

Now their answer is to put the spotlight on the interviews with the Mountain Brook teens rather than the promised weeks ago interviews and potential rearrests of suspects in Aruba. The re-interviewing or what may be in some cases interviewing for the first time just accent the poor job that was done by the ALE from the beginning in this matter. As I have stated, I do believe all should be interviewed as one never knows what piece of information may be helpful in finding tips and clues into Natalee’s disappearance; however, why was this not a serious concern five months ago? Four, three or two months ago? The investigators seemed to have never treated any of this investigation seriously hoping it would all just go away.

On Friday the Aruban prosecutors office in a statement said they would conducting a new round of interviews in their investigation of Holloway’s disappearance.

The statement said there are people living in the United States who have to be interviewed again. They said that there are several aspects that need more attention.

“You have to have an open mind and investigate all leads, that would be the professional thing to do,” Aruba’s chief prosecutor Karin Janssen told The Associated Press.

Many have been critical of Beth’s actions and for some reason there are those who wish Beth Twitty and the Holloway’s would just drop it completely. I hardly doubt any one of us would do so if it were our child. Beth Twitty does not seem to be going anywhere or abandoning her quest to find answers to her missing daughter Natalee. Her criticism has forced the investigation to continue and in many respects to be looked at from square one of what many believe to be a botched initial case. Even investigators admit there were errors made. We can only hope for the families sake that it is not too late and that witnesses that are interviewed have not forgotten important details. Also not too late to find answers to Natalee’s disappearance.

Beth Twitty pushes forward with her criticisms of an investigation that is deserving. One can only imagine what would have come of this investigation without such persistence?

(Full AP story)

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