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November 02, 2005

Natalee Holloway Investigation; Dave Holloway and More puzzling actions from Aruba

Posted in: Aruba,Dave Holloway,Gerold Dompig,Natalee Holloway,Search and Recovery

Dan Abrams Nov 1, 2005

How does a simple request for more specialized equipment turn in to an ordeal? Abrams asks Dave Holloway that very question. The continued search for Natalee Holloway went from a simple telephone call needed from Dompig to the FBI originally asked for last Wednesday to all searchers leaving the island of Aruba this past Monday. The relationship between the ALE and the Holloway/Twitty’s was working so well up until Dave Holloway left Aruba and Dompig met with the FBI last Thursday. One wonders how much more strange this investigation can get?

Abrams: What do you make of Dompig’s comments?

Dave: Well, I arrived on the island on Oct. 18th and the following day, met Dompig and he requested the assistance of the FBI. Indicated he would like for them to come back and utilize them ad much as he could. So we said well, we will try to see if we can make that happen. In the meantime, he indicated that we needed to focus our search efforts in the ocean. So, we were not going to waste anytime so we took off along with Tim Miller of TES and had boats in the water I believe by the weekend.

We soon realized we would need the FBI and some of their search equipment. We forwarded an email to Mr. Dompig sometimes Wednesday requesting that he make a phone call to the FBI so we could get this underwater equipment. I ended up having to leave the island on Thursday and in my reports back from the individuals who were left they felt like the light had been turned out. So I followed up again Saturday with the same email.

We’re all sitting on the bank and can’t get in the water until we get the assistance of the FBI. That team finally had to leave this past Monday or Tuesday.

Abrams: According to Dompig he says he has now spoken with the FBI. Says they had a very productive conversation.Is the real divide here occurring over who he wants to interview? He really wants to talk to Natalee’s friends again. What is the problem with that?

Dave: I don’t think there is any problem with it to tell you the truth about it.
The FBI arrived on the island Thursday, the same day I left. I don’t know what happened or whatever. The correct protocol is to go through the FBI if you want any information in the USA. It’s that simple. So, I don’t know what the issue is there to tell you the truth about it.

Abrams: As you heard, Beth seems to be suggesting they have the interviews and there is really no need to speak to the friends anymore. There seems to be some issue about whether Beth is going to come in versus whether….who’s at fault for the lack of communication between Beth and the authorities there as well.

Dave: Yeah, well of course they run the investigation. They determine who they want to see and who they want to talk to. So, without any further information, I don’t know why they would want to pursue that lead any further. But, if there’s anything needed from the states I think the FBI is capable of handling that.

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