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August 18, 2010

Is the Controversial Mosque on the Move Away from Ground Zero? (UPDATE: Nope, Developers Refuse)

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It is being reported that the mosque that is supposed to be built near Ground Zero might be on the move. Discussions are to take place as to a possible compromise location for the mosque away from the close proximity of Ground Zero. I must say, I am a bit skeptical as well of such a compromise as there was a purpose behind building this mosque so close to Ground Zero in the first place.

However, who would have ever imagined that President Obama would take leadership classes from NY Governor David Paterson? Obama messes up the mosque controversy and makes the matter worse while Gov. Paterson actually looks for compromise solutions … in a word for Barack Hussein Obama, nice leadership.


Paterson (rt), Obama (left) … who’s the statesman?

There was a possible resolution in the works in the debate surrounding the proposed mosque and Islamic cultural center near ground zero.

CBS 2?s Marcia Kramer has learned it looks as if the developers of the mosque may be willing to budge and move away from the Park 51 location where they originally planned the construction.

So will the mosque be moving?

New York Gov. David Paterson plans to meet with developers of the controversial Ground Zero mosque as early as this week to offer them state land – at another location – for their cultural and religious center. Paterson told Congressman Peter King about the meeting, and King said the governor asked him to make it public.

The purpose of the meeting would be for the governor to discuss with the leaders of the mosque where state property is available,” said Rep. King. “Whether or not people from the mosque would be willing to consider that property.”

Who ever would have thought at New York Governor Paterson would have been the voice of reason in the mosque controversy? While NYC Bloomberg and President Obama act with no compassion for 9-11 victims families with their wrongful position that this is only about Freedom of Religion … Gov. Paterson steps in and acts like a statesman. Who would have thunk it? Although it appear that Paterson is fearful of behind the scene games from Bloomberg and Obama. 

Sources tell CBS 2’s Kramer that Gov. Paterson is concerned that Mayor Mike Bloomberg, a staunch supporter of putting the mosque at ground zero, and President Barack Obama, might be advising mosque leaders to dig in their heels and insist on the present location.

Isn’t this interesting, Obama is OK with Harry Reid’s opposition of The One’s position on the building of a mosque near Ground Zero. What, you mean that Reid is not a racist?Maybe Reid is really a Tea Party candidate in disguise? [editors joke] I thought every one who disagreed with Obama on his policies, positions and agenda was branded a racist? Get the comment from Obama’s mouth piece, Obama respects the right of anybody only on “this”.

Obama “respects the right of anybody — Democrat, Republican, independent — to disagree with his opinion on this,” White House spokesman Bill Burton told reporters Tuesday.

So as the Weekly Standard writes, Is this the beginning of the end for the Ground Zero mosque?

UPDATE I: Mosque Developer Rejects Moving to New Location.

Appears that the developers have no plans to compromise and move the controversial mosque away from Ground Zero. Americans might want to ask themselves, why is that?

The developer of an Islamic cultural center that would include a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero appear to have rejected Gov. David Paterson’s offer to help them find a different site but a meeting may still be in the works.

On Tuesday, Rep. Peter King said he learned the governor planned to speak with the imam and developers of the mosque and cultural center later this week.  Both King and Paterson are scheduled to discuss the issue on Larry King Live tonight.

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