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August 08, 2010

Raid at Foxy Lady on Aruba’s “One Happy Island” due to Human Trafficking … Joran Van der Sloot, Thailand, Human Trafficking … Hmm?

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You will not see the following reported or discussed in the travel brochures on why to visit Aruba. Why is that? No where on the Aruba Tourism web site does it reference, things to do in Aruba like partaking in going to a strip club made up of  human trafficking. What about fun in the sun, weddings and restricting individuals of their human rights?  Shouldn’t tourists know exactly what they are getting themselves into when they spend their hard earned money on a vacation?


Rather than just painting just a rosy picture, shouldn’t Aruba and the Aruba AHATA have some truth in advertising that bad things happen there, NATALEE HOLLOWAY, and continued to due so, HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

What, you mean there is crime on Aruba like human trafficking, say it isn’t so. Human trafficking on “One Happy Island”, never. Isn’t that nice to know that mere miles from the beaches that you visit with your families and streets that your wives and daughters walk that the the Foxy Lady was raided and arrests made as a result of human trafficking. As an aside, isn’t it peculiar that human trafficking be going on in Aruba andJoran Van der Sloot is suspected in doing the same in Thailand. Wonder where he learned his trade?

ORANJESTAD — The Public Prosecutor (OM) announced late yesterday afternoon that the raids and arrests at strip club Foxy Lady regarded an investigation into human trafficking. Supposedly, the strippers were forced to work long hours and were held against their will. [human rights alive and well in Aruba, not]

Scared Monkeys actually discussed the Foxy Lady back in 2009; however, since then the web site has been removed. Looks like some family fun for all, eh? How many tourists coming to Aruba for sun and fun on their white sandy beaches think this kind of debauchery is going on right under their noses?

Foxy Lady Aruba functions as a cocktail lounge and bar featuring a sophisticated menu of hors d’oeuvres, desserts, cigars, fine champagne, wines and liquors. During the day the club provides a variety of massages for men, women, and couples. The late night crowd is also in for a treat with nightly entertainment by our VIP foxies and special acts from around the world including world famous feature entertainers and adult film stars. The club also features one of a kind “confession booths” for those who are feeling a little sinful.

Bachelor and Bachelorette parties are a great sendoff for any bride or groom with several options including a variety of special performances by our international foxies. Also, tables in our VIP rooms can be reserved any time through one of our certified event sales representatives located in several convenient locations across the island.

In addition to the above features, Foxy Lady Aruba specializes in setting up special dates with our lovely escorts and planning unforgettable one-of-a-kind exotic vacations for singles and couples traveling to Aruba.

More from Amigoe – Aruba:

Justice is reckoning with a criminal organization and not precluding further apprehensions. At the time of going to press yesterday, the OM did not wish to elaborate on the facts of the raids and arrests from amongst others, manager Alex Mathew. In total, four persons were apprehended last night amongst whom also a police officer who worked as security guard at the strip club on his off days. How many strippers had been exploited, remains unknown for the time being.

According to the OM, officers of the Organized Crime Section, the Criminal Investigation Cooperation Team (RST) and assisted by the Royal Military Police are investigating ‘exploitation forms of dancers’ in the strip club. Justice suspects the dancers had had to work too long in one stretch for too low a wage ‘under socially unacceptable circumstances’. This supposedly also involved a ‘situation of lack of freedom’, in which the dancers did not have the possibility to resign and to leave. Therefore, human trafficking, according to the OM. “As human trafficking belongs in the duty package of the RST and the Military Police, they were both involved in the investigation. Both had supplied criminal investigators,” says a spokesperson from the OM. The case got moving after one of the dancers had filed a report with the OM. The investigation was started approx. four months ago. However, Justice does not think there was a question of forced prostitution.

Before any one says that this is a one time thing and has never happened before, stop the presses because it has. Remember the following Scared Monkeys article from April 16,. 2007; ‘Aruba: Blue Skies, White Sandy Beaches and Human Traffickers … Oh My’.

So we are supposed to believe that on the Caribbean island of Aruba where human trafficking takes place that other such crimes cannot exist was well? Isn’t it a rather interesting coincidence that Aruba have a “human trafficking” bust andtheir favorite son, Joran Van der Sloot, has been implicated in human trafficking in Thailand? Where do we think that Joran Van der Sloot learned his craft? Makes us kind of wonder where and how the “little Sporter” made his spending money, doesn’t it?

During the raids, also in Mathew’s residence, one searched amongst others for the administration. His SUV was also confiscated for investigation. “Perhaps the latter contains more items, for example an USB-stick with information.” The Officer of Justice confirmed that money was found, but could not say how much and at which raid location. For that matter, the OM does not wish to confirm or deny that one of the detainees is a police officer. Otherwise, the Officer of Justice did mention that John den Boef, director of Foxy Lady, is not a suspect in the case just yet. Before this newspaper, Den Boef himself denied he was aware of the alleged exploitation practice in his club. “I am not actively involved with the daily affairs of Foxy Lady.I do not know what happens there in the evenings.” However, Den Boef did not wish to say what his precise role is within the company. “That is between me and Mathew.”

Justice further announced that there is no investigation into other strip clubs on the island. “The OM is not entrusted with the supervision thereof,” says the officer.

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