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October 20, 2005

Continued Aruban Concern Over Potential Boycott

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Arubans continue to have concern over the words they hear from the American media over the use of the term boycott with regards to the Natalee Holloway investigation. This time it is The Committee Concerned Citizens of Aruba requesting help against the negative publicity from the American media. Their request it to the Minister of Governmental Renewal and Kingdom Relations, Alexander Pechtold.

The committee Concerned Citizens of Aruba has called in the minister of Governmental Renewal and Kingdom Relations, Alexander Pechtold. The group would like the minister to do something with the negative publicity on the American TV, resulting from the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

The group is very concerned about the constant stream of negative news of the American media. “Every day, the American media is shamelessly questioning our Dutch judicial system, while they do not have relevant information on this.” Especially with the call for boycotting Aruba as vacation destination by Dr. Phil and the Twitty family, they are trying to influence our court procedure.

(Full Amigoe article)

However, with regards to the same topic and how any form of bad publicity may have affected Aruba or tourism comes this article from Diario, relaciona cu caso Natalee Holloway, TURISMO PRACTICAMENTE NO A CAY, SINEMBARGO, HENDENAN NA MERCA KIER INFORMACION RIBA E CASO HOLLOWAY, esaki ora cu nan topa un persona di Aruba eynan.

Related to the Natalee Holloway case
Tourism has practically not declined
however, Americans want information on the Holloway case, when coming across

ORANJESTAD (AAN): During the AHATA press conference, DIARIO asked about the latest developments in regards to the issue of the Aruba boycott Beth Twitty asked for.

According to the AHATA CEO, who also forms part of the Strategic Communications Task Force, there are rumors circulating that Beth Twitty will soon come back to Aruba, however it is his understanding that for the time being, she is not coming back.

According to Pesquera, the media attention is now sporadic. DIARIO asked Pesquera what are his thoughts about the possibility that she will come back to Aruba soon.

According to AHATA’s CEO, it will be good for the people of Aruba to do what they have always done, which is to treat all people with respect and remain a people of warmth, which we are known to be.

DIARIO asked Jeff Lesker how he feels with the effects until now, in regards to American tourists, especially those who have never come to Aruba.

According to Lesker, we cannot forget that the mother is still suffering due to her daughter being still missing.

He continued to say that although he respects Beth Twitty’s opinion, that is perhaps not correct, but has to be above all be respected. However, Lesker showed that when speaking of a boycott, when this normally takes place, is when a country for example produces nuclear arms or something along these lines.

According to Lester, it is important for the correct information about the aspects of the case to reach the mother, so that she doesn’t use incorrect information in the future, and in so doing shine a negative light on Aruba.

Lesker continues to say that either Beth Twitty likes to use incorrect information (which according to Lesker he doesn’t believe to be the case), or the mother has much incorrect information that she has found.

With regards to the opinion of potential tourists, Lesker says that now that they are promoting Aruba out of the country, the first thing that Americans are asking if they know you are from Aruba, is for information about the case, to get a more clear perspective of what has happened and not happened.

(Full translation of Diaro article)
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