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August 07, 2010

Taliban Kill 10 Foreign Aid Workers from International Assistance Mission on Aid Trip in Afghanistan

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Taliban scum ambush and kill 10 foreign aid workers from the group International Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.

Ten members of a foreign medical team — including six Americans and three women, all doctors and technicians — were shot to death on Thursday in a remote corner of the Hindu Kush in northern Afghanistan, officials confirmed Saturday.


Their aid group, the International Assistance Mission, said they were eye doctors, nurses and technicians, hiking into one of the toughest areas of the country to provide services. But the Taliban, who claimed responsibility, accused them of being spies and Christian missionaries.

“All indications are this is probably our team,” Dirk Frans, I.A.M.’s executive director, said from Kabul on Saturday. “They were on an optometric expedition, running an eye camp.” Both Mr. Frans and the police stressed, however, that no positive identification of the victims had yet been made. Their bodies were being brought out by road, a day’s journey to the district seat.

The 12-member medical team included six Americans, a Briton and a German, along with four Afghans, Mr. Frans said.


Warning: strong language

The Taliban claimed responsibilty for the murders and claimed their justification was that the workers were killed because they were “preaching Christianity” and “spying for the Americans.”

You Taliban are such big and brave souls that you would kill innocent people who were just looking to help others in the most remote places in the world who get no care. The Taliban just needs to be wiped out, PEROID! Enough of this wondering who is the moderate Taliban that the US can work with, I would say bomb them back to the stone age, but they are already there. It’s time the kid gloves were taken off and some serious bombing take place.

UPDATE I: From the Jawa Report … The Taliban killed people who had been providing aid since 1966 why?

This aid group has been in Afghanistan since 1966, the Taliban murdered them for what? It’s not like most of Afghanistan is Christian converts for God’s sake.

Feckin animals. If you will notice in the image above, the hatred in the cowardly mujahideen’s eyes as he looks upon the booklet.

UPDATE II: International Assistance Mission slayings: part of Taliban war strategy. Is there a new war strategy against innocent aid workers?

The number of aid workers killed worldwide jumped from 29 in 1999 to a record 122 in 2008. In Afghanistan alone, 33 were killed in 2008. Just last month, four people involved with the US-based development firm DAI were killed after gunmen stormed its Kunduz Province offices.

The medical team was attacked as it was returning to Kabul from a 15-day tour providing eye care to rural villagers in the Parun valley. According to information posted before the journey by one of the slain doctors, Karen Woo of Britain, part of the trek involved a packhorse train across 16,000-foot-high mountain peaks.

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