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July 30, 2010

US Rep Charlie Rangel (NY-D) Charged with 13 Ethics Violations … No to Plea Deal

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More from Nancy Pelosi’s most ethical Congress, EVER!

NY Democrat Charlie Rangel, the former chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee finds himself in a world of hurt as the House Ethics Committee threw the book at him yesterday and charged him with 13 ethics violations. Sorry Charlie, of what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive.


How many violations … 13!!!

A scathing House ethics report charges that Rep. Charles Rangel, an iconic New York powerbroker, violated 13 ethics and federal regulations covering public officials, including pressuring lobbyists and corporations to cough up millions for a New York college building bearing Rangel’s name.

In releasing a “Statement of Alleged Violation” of against Rangel, investigators drew a portrait of a veteran lawmaker who used his office and staffers for his own personal benefit and aggrandizement, repeatedly running afoul of House financial disclosure rules. He now faces an ethics “trial” unless he’s able to cut a deal with the ethics committee.

The full Ethics report can be read HERE.


Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Speaks about Rangel’s Ethics violation in Feb 2010, Nancy … care to change your story?

There was thought to be a deal on the table (um, what ever happened to that promised transparency?) to prevent the ethics charges from going forward; however, not only did Republicans say no, so did Charles Rangel. However, any such deal to avoid Democrat embarrassment right before the November midterm elections was axed. The ethics trial will go forward in September. It is hard to imagine that Pelosi would allow this ethics nightmare to go forward right before the November midterms. The American voters already have an issue with the incumbent Congress in power. Would this be what is needed to have the undecided vote finally get off the fence and vote for the GOP. Nancy Pelosi promised the most ”ethical” Congress ever, this is hardly in keeping with her promises.  

So this is what we get from a politician that has spent far too long in Congress and comes from a safe district … CORRUPTION! Can any one say TERM LIMITS!After the 13 ethics charges were made against Rangel we get the remorseful politician, cue the violins as Michelle Malkin says, as Sorry Charlie tells us he had a “bad day“.

Embattled New York Rep. Charles Rangel says he hasn’t had a bad day in 60 years. But “today I have to reassess that statement,” he told reporters on Capitol Hill.
Congressman Charles Rangel talks to press about ethics meeting today.

Charlie Rangel is now the poster child of exactly why the American voters are fed up with Congress and why ‘We the People” give them an 11% approval rating.

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