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July 26, 2010

Voters of of Florida, A Politician Doing Obama’s Bidding and Flip-Flopping on Issues to Get Elected is Hardly an Independent

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Florida Snow Job in November … Why would Florida want to elect a candidate like Charlie Crist that embodies exactly what is wrong with politicians today and that they will say and do anything to get elected, including calling them self an independent out of convenience?


The so-called Independent Crist with Obama

A recent Rasmussen poll in Florida stated that 41% of voters in the Sunshine state said that they would be likely to vote for an independent in the upcoming election. That would be nice if there was an actual, legitimate independent candidate running in Florida. The only reason why Crist is running as an independent is because he was behind Marco Rubio by 20% in the Republican polling.

As Independent candidate Charlie Crist continues to run neck-and-neck with Republican Marco Rubio in the race for U.S. Senate in Florida, the plurality of voters in the state say they are more likely to vote for a candidate not affiliated with either party this election than they have been in the past


Independent, or a rubber stamp for Obama?

 A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the state finds that 41% say they are more likely to pull the lever for an independent candidate this election than in past elections.  Thirty-percent (30%) say they are less likely to do so this year, while 19% say their likelihood is about the same this year as it has been in the past.  Ten percent (10%) are not sure.

Floridians … WAKE UP!!!

The now so-called independent Charlie Crist is no independent, he is an opportunist and a politicians that will say anything and flip-flop on any political issue to get elected. 47% of Democrats, 44% of unaffiliated and 33% of Republicans in Florida say they are more likely to vote for an independent candidate. Republicans, what are you thinking that you would vote for Crist who has floated that he would back a Democrat Majority leader, meaning he would side with the Democrats and not Republicans?

Maybe the voters should be polled if they would vote for a candidate who lied on national TV in that he would not run as an independent if he was not picked by his party to represent them on the ticket in November? Florida, do you really want a lair representing you in the US Senate? Seriously, isn’t Charlie Crist exactly what is wrong withpoliticians today and the fact that they cannot tell the truth? They change their opinions and policies to get elected, not because they actually have an core convictions. Independent or no independent, why would any one cast a ballot for a politician incapable of telling the truth?

WALLACE:Speaking of these questions about your political future, there have been persistent rumors in Florida that you are so far behind, at least currently, in the polls — double digits to Mr. Rubio — that you may run instead as an independent. Here is your chance to dispel all the rumors. Are you willing to pledge right here, right now that you will run in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate and not run as an independent?
: I’m running as a Republican. I’m very proud to be from the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, others that really have stood up for the principles of our party, like Ronald Reagan. This is a great party. It has a great future. We have a great opportunity to win in November. It’s important that we put a candidate up that can win in November.
WALLACE: So are you ruling out that you will file as an independent by the April 30th deadline?
CRIST: That’s right. That’s right. I’m running as a Republican.
: You will run not for a governor — you’ll run for Senate, and you will run as a — in the Republican primary.
: Chris, I’m running for the United States Senate. I know that our country needs help. I’m running as a Republican. This man to my left is a friend but I hope to defeat him on August the 24th, and I would encourage every Florida Republican to get out and vote.
WALLACE: Will you support the winner of the GOP primary, whether it’s you or Marco Rubio?
CRIST: Of course I will. Of course I will. But I think before that decision is made, people

Voters across America have stated they want change in November and a road block to Obama’s agenda. Is Crist’s comments that he’s open to supporting a Democrat for Senate Majority Leader really Crist being an independent, or his pandering for Democrat votes?

Florida, do you really think that Barack Obama is doing a good job? Presently only 47% of you say he is, why would you vote in some one who agrees more than not with Obama? Crist actually thinks that Obama has handled the BP oil spill well, do you? In an interview on June 18, 2010 Crist stated that he was pleased with the work that Obama had done. Most voters have disapproved of how Obama has handled the BP oil spill.


Exit Question: Florida voters, if most all independent voters have moved away from President Barack Obama, why would you support a so-called independent candidate who agrees with Obama on most issues and has been pandering to the Democrats?

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