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July 24, 2010

America’s Youth Say “NO” to Obama’s Hope & Change … “NOBAMA”

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Hey Democrats and Barack Obama, it’s not just the Republicans that are the party of No, America’s youth is also say “NO”BAMA!

There have been many recent terrible polls for President Barack Hussein Obama lately. Rasmussen has Obama at a -18% Daily Presidential approval Index and a 13% job approval, Gallup has Obama with a -3% approval rating, CNN polls show Obama with a -3% approval rating and Fox News has Obama job approval at -5%.


However, the most damning one of all has been the most recent Quinnipiac poll where not only did Obama have a negative job approval rating and an un-named Republican candidate would defeat Obama in 2012 … the following might just be the most troubling polling data to date for Barack Obama. Talk about your reversal of fortunes.

The once “Hope & Change” youth for Obama are no longer saying “yes we can”, they are saying “no, we don’t want anymore.” American youth are backing away from Obama, much like many other demographics.

Young voters who had been enthralled by Barack Obama’s “Yes, we can” message are now saying “Maybe not” — and are backing away from the president in a worrisome new poll for the White House.

Obama is losing in a match-up against a generic Republican challenger by 37 percent to 34 percent among voters in the 18-34 age group,according to a stunning Quinnipiac University poll released yesterday.

In March, voters in this group approved of Obama by 54 percent to 37 percent.

“The youngest age group may be the most impatient and the most easily disillusioned among all age groups,” said Molly Andolina, a youth-vote expert and DePaul University political-science professor.

Michelle Malkin references the “Peggy Effect” as maybe some of the reasons why the youth have abandoned Obama. Suddenly America’s youth has figured out the the “free stuff” that Obama is giving away is not free. The Fact is that America’s youth will be paying the bill. Can you say, suckers?

Everybody who voted for Obama because of all the free stuff they’d be getting, such as the famed “Peggy the Moocher” (who was Obama’s freeloading answer to “Joe the Plumber”), have been running to their mailboxes for a year and a half now, and… pretty much nothing. No free mortgage; no free car; no free gas — hell, no free health care yet for that matter. It’s taking a toll on Obama’s approval ratings.

Remember Peggy when she believed what Obama was saying during the 2008 election was the truth?


President Barack Obama addresses the “Nutroots”convention with the message of further screwing up America. Obama addresses the Netroots convention to tell the loony moonbat Left what he has done to screw up America and his future plans to mess it up even more. The November 2010 Midterm elections cannot come fast enough. Obama ends his message by saying, “let’s finish what we started.” America, if we allow that to happen, there will be no recognizable USA left … you know what you must do in 2010 and 2012.

UPDATE I:Look who else was at the LEFT’s NUTROOT convention and received a standing ovation. None other that disgraced 9-11 Truther and former Obama Communist “Green Jobs” czar Van Jones who was forced to resign. Need we say more.


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