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October 07, 2005

Some Other Stories We Are Working On

Posted in: Bloggers,Fun,Technology

As we introduce new blogs over at our The Bloggers sites, we will point out some stories we are very proud of. They should provide an interesting read, and introduce you to topics we do not normally cover on our main site.

Over at the Travel Bloggers, we have a story on how the cost of holiday travel this year will be sky high, excuse the pun, as the combination of airlines reducing seats, fuel costs, and the calendar will make flying very expensive.Click here to read  Low Cost Airfares for Holiday Travel will be few and far between.

At the Real Estate Bloggers, we profile a Japanese woman who came to America at 17, and now is one the of the leaders in the Memphis real estate market. To read about this truly amazing lady, visit A Immigrants Success Story, How Rosemarie Fair built a Real Estate Empire.

Are you looking for a new camera, Sony has introduced a camera that lets you focus by touching the LCD screen in back. This purse camera is great for the casual photographer. Read Sony Announces DSC-N1 has Touch Screen Focusing.

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