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July 20, 2010

More Bad Obama Polling from Gallup … the Highs & Lows of State Job Approval for The One

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President Barack Obama’s polling numbers have trended downward since he took office. The recent Gallup poll of the top and bottom 10 states for Obama job approval is rather telling. The winner of the Obama state approval rating is Hawaii with 68%, even though the District of Columbia came in at 85%. Obama’s biggest nemesis and a state where he will be making no campaign appearances in 2010 or 2012 is Wyoming at 29%.


But even with the Top 10 states that Gallup listed as the most favorable for job approval, there is a damning trend for Obama. All of the states except Delaware have trended downward. Compare Obama’s present job approval to his 2008 election win in these states. Across the board, Barack Obama is polling worse than his 2008 election wins.

Hawaii – now 68% … 2008 election 72%-27%, Delaware – now 62% … 2008 election 63%-35%, Maryland – now 60% … 2008 election 62%-37%, NY – 57% … 2008 election 63%-36%, Connecticut – now 57% … 2008 election 61%-38%, California – now 56% … 2008 election 61%-37%, Rhode Island – now 56 … 2008 election 63%-35%, Mass – now 56% … 2008 election 62%-35%, Illinois now 54% … 2008 election 62%-37%, VT – now 54% … 2008 election 54%-45%.


Is it too early to start projecting an Obama 2012 electoral map? His numbers are down from 2008.

Barack Obama is under-polling in pretty much every state that he won in 2008. When it comes to the bottom 10 states of Obama job approval, the numbers have cratered in the low 40′s, 30′s and even one state in the 20′s. How will Obama’s polling numbers affect House and Senate races like in Missouri, New Hampshire, Arkansas and Kentucky?

Is it any wonder why Democrats are actually starting to fear they might lose the US Senate? Barack Obama is not only proving to have no coattails, he is becoming a political liability. Presently Obama has a -15 rating in the Rasmussen Presidential tracking poll.

Under pressure, the Democrats are cracking. On both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, there is a realization that Nancy Pelosi’s hold on the speakership is in true jeopardy; that losing control of the Senate is not out of the question; and that time, once the Democrats’ best friend, is now their mortal enemy.

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